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Unlock The Magic Of Music: Aria Brings Joy With New Gem “Smile”



Chill out and enjoy the beats of the legendary Mariano Schiavolini, better known as Aria in the music world. This genius has been rockin’ the music scene since the ’70s, and he’s still kickin’ it with some seriously cool vibes!

Back in the day, Aria formed the super awesome Progressive Rock group Celeste, often dubbed the King Crimson of Italy. Yep, he’s been a trailblazer from the get-go.

Recently, he has been teaming up with an all-star lineup of international artists. And guess what? His latest release is an absolute gem titled “Smile, which outstands thanks to its exotic melody that will sweeten your day.

Imagine traditional instruments from Rumba and Cha-Cha-Cha getting all cozy with contemporary elements like the Hammond and electric guitar. Taking this into account, “Smile” feels like a wild musical fusion in your ears!

But here’s the kicker, “Smile” isn’t just about the sounds; it’s about the vibes too. In fact, this tune has a fresh energy featuring the passionate vocals of Portugal-based singer Ariel Jones.

Furthermore, there’s a vintage appeal around the whole composition, as it was crafted in the studio using analog equipment. As a result, Aria imparts a delicious nostalgic touch too.

Essentially, “Smile” is all about spreading joy and the magic of a simple smile. The music video is a total celebration of people from all walks of life dancing and feeling the happiness that “Smile” brings.

At the end of the day, smiling is a universal language, and the lyrics will hit you right in the feels.



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