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Unveiling The Inspiration: Niel Degas’ New EDM Track “Braveheart”



Niel Degas

Originally from Maryland but now kickin’ it in South Florida, Niel Degas has been in the game since 2010, and we had a rad chat with him about his upcoming drop called “Braveheart, set to hit on July 28th. You can pre-order this release right here, so don’t miss out!

1 — As a versatile artist who enjoys blending different genres, how does “Braveheart” compare to your previous work?

It’s hard to compare, but I guess I took a little more subtle approach on this one than I did with one of my previous releases “Sahara” (It’s the Vibe) with Dan Diamond which was an Electro House track with a heavy Arabic influence. I listen to pretty much everything under the sun and pull a bit of inspiration from all of it.

I have been told that some people can hear some of my Rock and Metal stylings from my early music career within my songs as well. Although a lot of it is trial, error, and not everything works out like the tracks I mentioned and have put out, but I feel like the experimentation helps keep me creative and fresh.

To keep long with the blending theme, I am working on a track right now that’s a bit of a combination of Techno and Future Rave, and I also want to pull some from my locale of Miami, Florida, and do something Caribbean/Reggeaton influence, something whether it be straight Reggeaton/House or Merengue/House. I am unsure as of yet, but sure it will come to me. As for versatility, I have made Hip-Hop beats for people currently finishing up a Dancehall/Reggaeton fusion project for a friend of mine, and even have a Drum and Bass side project I am developing.

And at the end of the day, music is about feelings and emotions no matter which side of the coin you are on, artist or listener. After all “it’s a vibe.”

2 — What was your inspiration while working on this new single?

I was listening to some classic House and a bit of Tech House at the time and was thinking about what would happen if I tried to make those styles bigger. I started with the drums and the swing percussion and built the rest of the track around that, also thought it would be cool to have a little bit of a fake-out build right before the vocals came in.

3 — Can you shed light on the equipment, instruments, or software utilized to craft this track?

On the original version I used a combo of hardware and software, generally a hardware guy but software can be a little more versatile. For this track, the drums were a combo of Dave Smith Tempest and Maschine. Pianos/basses/pads Komplete, and synths Massive X and a Yamaha Modx. Sequenced within Studio One.

4 — Are you influenced by current musical trends?

Slightly, I have gotten into Future Rave lately but believe music is about emotions, feelings, and being in the moment and they do not always follow trends.

5 — In which locations did you compose this song and where were the recording sessions carried out?

The composition happened in my home studio based just outside of Miami, Florida. The vocals were recorded in L.A. at Scarletts studio. The Internet is a wonderful thing, being able to collaborate with people all over the world.

6 — What are your ambitions or expectations with the release of “Braveheart”?

Really all I could ask for or hope for rather is for it to hit that one person who just needs that powerful positive message about staying true to yourself and not letting people puppet you around or dictate your life for you, especially in this day and age. If it does more than that great but that was always the goal for this track.

7 — Tell us more about how you connected with other producers for the remixes. What steps did you take?

I met Dark Intensity during Miami Music Week and hung out with him a bit at the EDMA’s from there we developed a friendship. I sent him over a bit of the raw cut of “Braveheart” to get some feedback on it, and after listening to it, he expressed his interest in hitting a remix, originally I wasn’t 100% sold on having remixes done on this track even though I like his work but he ended up sharing a preview of his idea and was floored, from there I was like if there’s going to be one remix might as well get a few more done, so asked my friend/co-collaborator and Arietis Records artist Ricardo Geldres if he wanted to hit a take on it, he and I had a few late nights Zoom calls working on it, lol. The Original “Braveheart”, Dark Intensity’s, and Ricardo’s were so big I decided to hit a little more subtle take with my V.I.P. remix. As for the Block and Crown remix that was a bonus surprise mix brought on from Tazmania Records.

8 — Could you pick a favorite one among them?

That’s hard because I feel they all turned out great, and they all have their strong points like Ricardo’s second drop is epic, the piano melody in Dark Intensity’s is so pretty I am a sucker for some great piano, the good old House groove Block and Crown through down is jamming, and, of course, the original love that those big kicks paired well with the swing percussion and the synths and Scarletts vocals. If I had to pick one though I think it would have to be my V.I.P. remix love that chill vibe with her vocals and how it plays well together.

9 — Are you open to the idea of bringing your tunes to life through music videos?

I have a music video in the works for this release, won’t be out on release day, but not long after. And I do have a few music videos out on other releases just not everyone as of now.

10 — Finally, what is the most valuable advice you have ever received, and how has it influenced your music career?

Many moons ago, back when I was a Metalhead and musician, a friend of mine told me sometimes you have to reinvent yourself, to me that meant keeping an open mind while staying true to yourself if I didn’t receive that advice, I highly doubt I would be sitting here talking to you right now.



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