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Using Instagram As A Music Promotion Tool



Using Instagram As A Music Promotion Tool
For musicians and bands, Instagram can be an amazingly powerful tool and can really help you spread the word. So, here are some tips to use it to its upmost.

1 – Establish A Separate Professional Account

Instagram works just like Twitter: It’s easier and more effective to keep your band or professional account separate from your personal account. You’re not going to get a lot of music-loving followers with pictures of your last dinner. If you find that there’s already an account using your band’s name, try including your geographic location. (e.g. DittoMusicUK) Establish a separate email account exclusively for handling your Instagram account.

Note that if you’ve already made a significant investment in branding yourself musically, Instagram does have a Trademark Policy. Get in touch with the company directly if you’d like to claim a specific name that you feel should clearly be yours.

2 – Create The Right Profile

Your Instagram account includes a profile image. For promotional consistency, consider using the same picture here and on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The other components of your Instagram profile are a bio and a link pointing to your website. Instagram profiles are intended to be simple; don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel.

Note that although it’s not easy to post photos through the Instagram website, the web setup does allow you to view, edit, and manage your account from a desktop computer. This may be the most efficient way for you to set up your account and then review it. Buy some Insta views to make your post look nice and busy and viola, you’ll see a lot more people come on board and follow and like your work.

3 – Link Up Your Social Media

Instagram is the preeminent social platform for sharing images, and it can be integrated seamlessly with your other accounts. Facebook integration is especially strong. Your Instagram photos can be sent directly to your Band page, and content shared in this way shows up prominently on your timeline.

You can find the necessary options for linking your Instagram account to your other social media accounts under Profile > Edit Settings.

4 – Telling Stories

Like other social platforms, Instagram is primarily designed to let individuals connect with each other and share their stories. In order to get off to a good start, schedule a little Instagram research time before you start posting. Look at other bands that are using Instagram as an effective promotional platform and see which sorts of content are particularly liked by their followers. Generally speaking, you’re going to want to give people a distinctive reason to follow your band.

5 – Play With Your Schedule

Instagram is notable for having highly variable audience response depending on when you post. A daily picture shared at 9 AM might not generate any buzz with your intended audience, but posting the same image at lunchtime could create a huge response.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your posting times to find out what works best with your followers. It’s useful to put yourself onto a general schedule, making your posts at a similar time every day. This doesn’t have to be ironclad, though, and sometimes sharing a spontaneous image is the best way to deliver great content.

instagram music6 – Use The Right Lingo

As noted above, Instagram works very well with other social media platforms. If you have an aggressive promotional strategy, you’re probably distributing content across multiple platforms at the same time. Just make sure you tweak your posts to work with the particular service you’re using! You don’t want to slap pictures onto Instagram with a caption urging your followers to retweet them.

7 – Make Your Band Instagram Collaborative

You might find yourself running low on creative pictures to launch on your Instagram feed. That doesn’t mean the whole band is running out of content to share! It’s relatively easy to set up an Instagram account so that multiple people can post to it. Doing this allows followers to connect with you as a group rather than as just one individual. Exercise a little common sense and organization to keep things from getting confusing for your followers. You don’t want to have two band members posting at the same time or sharing the same photos!

8 – Look To Fans For More Content

Social media is all about reciprocity. If you want your fans to follow you, you should be prepared to follow them in turn. Take the time to scour the service for mentions of your band, and be generous with your likes and comments. Do your best to find and appreciate fan photos of your gigs and events. Reply to comments your followers leave on your photos whenever possible.

9 – Tagging And Geo-Tagging

Use relevant hashtags to describe your Instagram posts and make them easier for people to find. Opinions differ as to how many hashtags are too many, but you definitely want to avoid adding irrelevant tags in an effort to attract more people.

Instagram is also an excellent platform for publishing geo-tagged pictures. This enables potential fans to find you based on proximity as well as your hashtags.

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11 Side Hustles For Musicians And Music Lovers



musicians music lovers

©[Maryna Terletska] /Getty Images

There are many ways to make money as a musician. Side hustles in the music industry can include writing, making beats, and even transcribing music. This is not a new concept. Many musicians are generating income through different types of creative endeavors. From composing to playing live, you can make money as a musician without the need to get on stage. Here are some ideas to make money as a musician.

Transcriptionists receive audio files

Professional musicians usually take on transcription as a side job while they pursue their full-time careers. Most transcription jobs are virtual, so you don’t get to see your client in person. But if you enjoy working remotely, transcription is the job for you. You’ll be able to work for long hours alone without losing your focus. Just be sure you can catch mistakes, or your work will dry up in no time. You’ll also need good organizational skills and time management skills.

transcription audio

©[franckreporter] /Getty Images

Create Mobile Games

Another great way to earn extra as a musician is to create money-making mobile games and generate money as a composer for mobile games. These games are fast-growing and feature graphics and sound effects. They can also be a powerful marketing tool for your band or artist. There are many ways to get started, from writing jingles for commercials to creating music for Kickstarter-funded games.

©[Maryna Terletska] /Getty Images

However, before you earn money as a mobile game composer, you need to find a niche and be willing to adapt to new situations. Indie mobile phone games are a massive part of the gaming industry and often seek composers with a more modest background.

Selling merch

One of the most effective ways to sell merch for your music is by surveying your fans. You can do this online or through social media to find out what your fans like best. Once you’ve gathered enough information, you can design merchandise that fans will want. Make sure to set a reasonable price. While plenty of different products are available to sell, you should start by choosing the most popular items.

Merchandise items can include CDs, t-shirts, and more. It can be as simple as creating a poster with the details of the merch item. You can also try digital merch, such as sheet music downloads or album lyrics.

Using affiliate links

You can sign up for an affiliate program as a musician if you have a large following of other musicians. You can earn a commission for every sale made by one of your audience members through an affiliate link to a music store. Another popular affiliate program is Amazon Associates. You will receive a commission when your audience purchases a product from Amazon through your affiliate link.

Beatmakers sell beats online

It’s easy for a beat maker to sell their music beats online, but how do you get people to purchase them? Email outreach is crucial, and you can get the word out about your work using the following tools:


©[Artur Debat] /Getty Images

SoundCloud has millions of users and a vast number of talented artists. So you can network on SoundCloud and attract potential customers. In addition, YouTube is a mecca for musicians. It has 3 billion monthly searches and 2 billion unique users, making it the world’s second-largest social media network and the most popular website for artists. The best part? Anyone can sell their music beats here!

Video Tutorial

Another way to monetize your audience is to create a video tutorial. You can also create a YouTube channel for your songs and make a tutorial on how to use various plug-ins. Many musicians enjoy teaching others. Creating a tutorial on how to use a certain piece of music can be a great way to turn your hobby into a full-time income. If you’re passionate about music, you could even create a tribute band and make a living performing at corporate events and private parties.

Event planners can build a freelance business

There are many things to consider when creating an event. For example, you must decide whether you will work with online or live audiences. If you want to work with live audiences, you may choose to specialize in virtual or hybrid events. There are also many types of live events you can take online. Some of the most popular events are festivals, fundraisers, and corporate events. Music lovers, however, may want to start a freelance business planning events for musicians.

Writers can write about music

Whether you’re interested in writing about popular or classical music, you can do so in various ways. Music journalism, also known as music criticism, involves writing about the latest news in the music industry, reporting on concerts and tours, reviewing albums, and analyzing trends. The written word was first used in classical music analysis in the early nineteenth century when formal music journals were founded. A writer’s voice and critical ear are developed through reading a variety of genres and styles of music.


Using crowdfunding as a means of monetization for your music can be a lucrative endeavor for artists who want to put their work out into the world. However, this method does require a great deal of planning and work. The first step in making your campaign successful is researching the various crowdfunding platforms and sites. While some have project managers to help you, others do not.

Creating a Patreon account

Creating a Patreon page for your music can be a great way to make money as a musician online. However, it’s important to remember that a Patreon campaign will only be successful if you have a compelling story to tell.

make money as musician

©[SOPA Images] /Getty Images

Once you’ve created your Patreon account, you need to get strategic. Create a presence on multiple social media platforms. This great way to build a fan base and get new subscribers. You should also use paid social media marketing to increase your exposure. Once you get a decent amount of patrons, you can consider expanding your marketing strategy to reach as many potential patrons as possible.

Getting paid for performance royalties

If you’re an independent musician, you may have wondered if there is a way to get paid for performance royalties as a musician. The short answer is yes. The easiest way to get paid for your music is by signing up with a website like SoundExchange, which collects performance royalties for musicians. While you don’t need to join these websites to get paid, you can sign up for them to earn more money.

Final thoughts

Many musicians dream of earning passive income. While it might seem difficult at first, and you’re unlikely to land a high-profile gig, you shouldn’t give up. The opportunities for success will come. With all these money-making opportunities, you’ll soon be able to make the most of your music and fame.

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Secret Project Festival Returns To ADE For Second Edition



After a monumental sold-out first edition in 2021, Secret Project Festival is set to take place during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) again in 2022. The LA-born festival has added a stellar list of artists to the line-up, including Fatima Yamaha (LIVE), HAAi, Marco Carola, Michael Bibi, Patrick Topping, Skream, and Sven Väth. Ticket registration will open for an exclusive 48-hour period starting today at 12PM CET via

With a line-up of massive proportions, Secret Project Festival is sure to be one of the stand-out events at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. Close to 30 House, Techno and Tech-House heavyweights will perform across four stages throughout the day. From veterans like Marco Carola to the leaders of the new generation like Michael Bibi, Secret Project Festival has something to offer to a wide array of Dance music fans.

Secret Project Festival  ADE
Like the previous edition, Secret Project Festival will be held at het Hembrugterrein, an extraordinary venue across the water from Amsterdam’s harbor. Once serving as an industrial area, het Hembrugterrein was repurposed in 2003 as a creative and cultural institution while maintaining its original look, making it the perfect setting for multi-sensory events the Secret Project Festival has become so well-known for.

During Amsterdam Dance Event 2021, Insomniac brought its successful House and Techno concept to European soil for the first time. Boasting a sold-out crowd, the anticipation was extremely high in the run-up to the event, which took place across five different stages, each with a different visual concept and styles of music for everyone to enjoy alongside sculptures, light fixtures, and much more to be entertained by. The festivalgoers partied well into the night, from the gates opening to a rush of those eager to see what the festival had in store for them to the sounds of the underground styles of relentless techno and deep, melodic house and tech-house with artists such as CamelPhat, Ben Böhmer and Loco Dice B2B Marco Carola spearheading the lineup. The industrial vibe of the location went hand in hand with the musical styles, creating a top-notch audio-visual delight for all involved. The Secret Project Festival European debut proved to be more than successful.

Secret Project Festival
Born out of the bustling Los Angeles underground music scene, Secret Project Festival has been making waves in Europe with a string of widely acclaimed events. The first venture into the European market came with Secret Project Festival ADE 2021. Just mere months after, they upped the ante with the addition of Secret Project Portugal taking place in the sunny Mediterranean beach town of Portimão. Secret Project Festival is part of the Insomniac portfolio of events, which partnered up with Amsterdam-based event organizer ALDA. Together they’ve increased their presence globally and it is with collaborations like the Secret Project Festival that the two have cemented themselves as one of key players in the global scene.

General information


Location: TAETS, Hembrugterrein

Address: Hemkade 18, Zaandam

Date: 22 October 2022

Time: 12:00 – 23:00

Full line-up A-Z

Ann Clue | Bella | Deborah de Luca | Deniz Bul | Dom Dolla | Dutch Afro | Ewan McVicar | Fatima Yamaha (LIVE) | HAAi | KlangKuenstler | Kode 9 | LF System | Marcel Fengler | Marco Carola | Matrixxman | Michael Bibi | Moktar | Moritz Hofbauer | | Nala Brown | Olympe | Patrick Topping | Prospa | Sherelle | Skream | SNTS | Sven Väth | Thys 

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4 Spotify Promotion Tips For Upcoming Musicians



spotify promotion tips

©[NurPhoto] /Getty Images

Spotify is now a network that can make a musician famous overnight, in addition to being the largest streaming platform online.

Spotify’s promotion features aid musicians and music curators in succeeding in this cutthroat business. In essence, all Spotify marketing services are designed to assist artists to increase interaction, improving statistics, and bring attention to their music so that it can be discovered by new listeners.

Spotify playlist curators are the most significant players when discussing Spotify’s promotion.

Spotify Promotion Tips

Verify your musician page

To inform fans and potential followers that the account holder is authentic, use authentication or the blue mark. This will show your ability to develop a true connection with your followers and earn their trust stems from your authenticity as an artist. The authenticity emblem is uncommon and highly sought after, and Spotify makes it simpler for you to obtain one as a musician. Just sign up for Spotify for Musicians, and you’ll be immediately evaluated.

The blue checkmark on your profile will confirm your authenticity when Spotify chooses and recommends your songs to its millions of listeners through playlists and its algorithms. Additionally, it justifies why most Spotify playlist creators should add your songs to their playlists.

social media music advertising

©[SrdjanPav] /Getty Images

Utilize social media to advertise the music

One method to clearly tell your fans to promote you and listen to your songs on Spotify is to ask them on social networks. Spotify does a fantastic job of giving artists a variety of platforms to broadcast their music, specifically on social networks. Post engaging material and everyday conversations on social media to gain a devoted following. Once you have your statistics, it’ll be much simpler to submit your music without being spammy or overly marketed. One of the best strategies to gain Spotify listens for your music is by developing a sizable following on social media.

If your fans appreciate your music, social networks also give you the chance for it to go viral. Think about what would happen if your followers shared your content 10,000 times in one day as opposed to only one or two times in an entire week. Your self-assurance in your ability will rise because of it.

Work together with different musicians

Promoting your song on Spotify is much easier by collaborating with other musicians. One benefit is that the featured artist will do the same for the songs you are featured on if you create a playlist with their songs on it.

collaborating with other musicians

©[SrdjanPav] /Getty Images

This has a double effect because it allows you to target a larger audience by doubling your ad campaigns. It makes perfect sense when you both have around the same amount of Spotify followers. When Spotify playlist curators who adore each of your songs broadcast your music on many playlists, it benefits both of you.

You can gain access to their core audience by cooperating with another artist. Your music is presented to new listeners who are more likely to enjoy it due to the favourable connection you have with the collaboration artist. Ensembles offer ground-breaking chances to simultaneously promote your music and inspire one another with your ingenuity and thoughts.

Be proactive on Spotify and consistently post music

The hardest aspect about being an artist in a field that is always changing is that no matter how well-known you become if you quit creating and sharing music, you’ll quickly become ignored. You must maintain a daily timetable for how you will publish your new songs, but you also don’t want to go overboard by posting subpar stuff. Many artists in the music industry seem to ebb and flow with the tide when they produce new tunes.

©[SrdjanPav] /Getty Images

By counting the number of songs that are added to lists, Spotify’s algorithms may determine how active you are as well as how interesting and wonderful your songs are. What will keep listeners engaged with you over the long run is regularity. Additionally, it conveys to devoted listeners your dedication to and enthusiasm for your music.

Take advantage of Spotify promotion services

One of the challenges in approaching playlist curators is finding their details and knowing which curators to pitch your music to. One platform is helping artists find Spotify playlist curators. These platforms are worth your time and investment, as they cut down the valuable time needed to pitch your music and get exposed.

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