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Venus in Chains 100 | An Interview With Isobella Caroline Boucher



Venus in Chains 100 | An Interview With Isobella Caroline Boucher
If you’re looking for Indie Pop music, then you need to check Isobella Caroline Boucher’s latest music project ‘Venus in Chains 100’. We chat with this fresh artist, who spares a moment with us to share the most important details of her music career. Stay up to date with the Venus in Chains 100 project on  Facebook | YouTube and on ReverbNation.

1 – How has your year been so far? 

It has been amazing. This has been the greatest year so far with my music and modeling. I was lucky enough to have three CD’s come out this year. ‘Was It All A Dream’, ‘Muse In The Garden’ and ‘C Tiarra Hotel’ along with the music project “Venus in Chains 100” I had the ability to meet and work with such great artists such as Bobby Craymer, Brenda Bennet and Tad Sharpe, along with more. I really feel blessed on this.

2 – I’m curious about your artistic name, “Venus in Chains 100”. Is there any interesting story you want to share? 

Venus in Chains 100 is a music project created and founded by me, Isobella Caroline Boucher. It has been described by some as an Avant Garde project. It is an explosive music project with a visionary outlook meant to surpass limits by creating a chain of music visual works of art, each representing love, beauty, and freedom during this time of 2016 with many brutal and devastating events. “Venus in Chains 100” is a way of representing love, unity, peace, hope and compassion thru music and visual art. Hope, compassion and understanding, to all and for all. The project features artist from all over the world bringing a myriad of styles and genres.

3 – How would you describe your music style?

Well,  with the Venus in Chains 100 project, there is a diversified genre of music style, From Jazz, Rock to Hip-Hop. For me , as the artist “Isobella Caroline Boucher” I would say experimental Indie Pop, but it has been described as without limits, gorgeous, haunting and most of all different (not mainstream). To me, I seem to create music more to feelings within the moment, so it would be my own interpretation of sound and music. I put my heart and emotions into every piece of music I do, or I would not be creating music.

4 – When and why did you start this music project? 

Since this interview is primarily about “Venus in Chains 100” I created this project in the summer, 2 months and a half to be exact. I was actually listening to another artist and the video captured my eye, the filming, and something sparked inside my visionary imagination and I acted upon it. I came up with Venus in Chains 100 as a venue for other artists, Indie artists, to showcase their work and also have a cause and reason behind it. Peace and love in a time where there is so many devastation going on this Earth. Each artist, creating music to symbolize that harmony within difference. By difference, I also mean I did not select artists by similar style, the difference and uniqueness adds to the beauty.

5 – Do you also collaborate with other artists. such as singers and producers?

Yes, I do. With this particular project “Venus in Chains 100” the list is high. The list is as follows, Bobby Craymer, Nigel Bell, Sara Mae Villa, Brenda Bennet, Mike Sargent, Ridade , Tony Sokol, Suga Bee of Carolina, Amanda Castro, Sam Cohen, Jonathan Newman, DSI, Peter Rees, Denardo Lee Gastin,Mark L, Songwriter Jake Anderssen, Lloyd David Lieberman and artist Alex Hale.

On a personal level for my music I love to collaborate with other artists and do.

6 – Where did you learn to create music? 

I was self taught on composing music but due to my intense dance background, it came much easier. The art of sound, movement and creating music. Music is just within me. I love to sing, to write lyrics and compose.

7 – What’s the name of your latest single? Where can we download your music?

My latest single is “Alibi” off the ‘Was It All A Dream’ CD – Isobella Caroline Boucher. It is also on the Venus in Chains 100 collaboration project and is available on Apple Music

8 – Are there any artists you were thinking about as a reference while creating this song?

Actually, no I usually am thinking of a person or something that has happened to me in the past as many artists do.

9 – Are you trying to share a particular message with your songs?

Yes, feelings, emotions and love. See, that is one question I do not usually think of when creating my songs. Although by creating “Venus in Chains 100” my depth of reason has significantly grown in an outward though towards humanity. One song “Drowning” a collaboration I did with a very gifted musician/composer Lloyd David Lieberman was in ode to the shooting in Orlando.

10 – What’s next for Venus in Chains 100?

I will say everything, as we are down to the last 2 songs of the 100. After that four CD’s will be made, and giving donations on every CD to a cause to help humanity. Then we move on to Venus in Chains 200, artists from around the world creating peace through music and love. It will be continual. Also a concert “Venus in Chains 100 “ is in the making.

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