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Viral TikTok Songs Right Now: Artemas – i like the way you kiss me



One of my favorite viral TikTok songs right now is undoubtedly “i like the way you kiss me” by the British artist Artemas. Believe it or not, this tune has over 2.3 million posts on the world’s most downloaded social media platform.

Visuals and Atmosphere

The music video was released approximately 2 months ago on YouTube and matches its dark Electro-Pop rhythm, synonymous with the Darkwave genre. The visuals depict an intimate celebration where people dance wildly without any concern.

In my opinion, this audiovisual work is all about pure escapism. Plus, there are different shots that show tension and intense emotions. The lighting is minimal, and the scenes change dynamically, like they’re telling you a story.

That is to say, it’s immersive and captivating, those are the key words to understand this clip and, of course, the song too.

viral tiktok songs right now

Artemas’ Rapid Rise to Fame

Surprisingly, Artemas went from being an independent artist with just a handful of fans to being praised by the mainstream audience overnight. “i like the way you kiss me” is possibly the most addictive viral TikTok song right now.

And let me tell you, his success is blowing up on almost every streaming platform.

It’s the freakin’ magic of TikTok because the tracks that trend there always end up ruling the world…

i like the way you kiss me music video
This 26-year-old musician has a gift for making his compositions shine, best of all, he records them in his home production studio. Moreover, his sonic aesthetic is a mix of modern and nostalgic vibes, with smooth vocals that penetrate your ears.

With two albums under his belt, I’m sure Artemas is going to be swimming in collaborations now more than ever. Just keep an eye on his social media to enjoy his art. You don’t wanna miss out!



By Erick Ycaza

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