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Vivien Cheymol Wants You To Experience UK Garage In Its Fullest



Vivien Cheymol
UK Garage can be such a versatile genre and independent producer Vivien Cheymol knows this better than anyone. Actually, his recent EP, ‘Excuse My French’ will remind you of the old-school drum groove that was born in the 2000s.

One of the most exciting things about his new tracks, “Loving You” and “That’s The Garage” is the way he tries to revamp the traditional sound by stomping out a mantra of booming kicks, filters, effects, and vocal chops.

Clearly, these jams also have an abundance of energy thanks to the enthusiasm, genuine flow, and good rhymes; making its impact even more brutal!

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without collaborators Lucinia Karrey, MagnumOneFive, and K.J.

I don’t think you’ll ever experience anything greater these days in accordance with the criteria above. Just press the play button.

On a side note, Vivien Cheymol splits his time between Paris and London in order to connect with like-minded producers and singers. Furthermore, under the artistic name Orange Dolla Fox he has already released two albums in sharp contrast to the present project as both of them are Afropop-oriented.

In 2022, he wants to cultivate his original passion for UK Garage, and it seems his new direction is clever. Essentially,  ‘Excuse My French’ allows the legacy of the genre to remain potent as it doesn’t cease to die.



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