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Warning! Don Johnson May Appear When You Play This Gem Of A Remix



The first release was fittingly a remix collab with Greg Gow, for the French techno artist Marst, on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label

SUPERDRIIIV takes us way out of the box with their 80s dipped rendition of Hibernate’s “Just One Time”. This production is just brimming with unique synth programming, over-the-top musicality and a beat that will have you dancing like you are in gradeschool. WARNING: Don Johnson may appear wearing white, pleated pants when you listen to this gem of a remix.

So who is SUPERDRIIIV exactly? Well that’s an interesting story: SUPERDRIIIV is a duo consisting of Toronto based Morgan Pottruff and LA based Scott Radke.

In 2010, Morgan had been producing with Toronto’s Techno hero Greg Gow, who at the time was having some tracks released by the legendary Derrick May on Transmat and had just got the now infamous track “The Bridge” mastered. The master sounded so good that Morgan just had to know who the mastering engineer was.

That turned out to be Scott Radke. Interestingly, Scott not only had a shared experience in the Techno scene as a DJ, but had extensive experience in the LA scene as a mix and mastering engineer, including a stint as producer/guitarist Brent Paschke’s (Pharrell/Katy Perry/Gwen Stefani) in-house engineer.

In 2014 they joined forces to form SUPERDRIIIV. The first release was fittingly a remix collab with Greg Gow, for the French Techno artist Marst, on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label.

Since then, SUPERDRIIIV’s sound has evolved to a blend of house and modern take on electro funk, somewhere between Justice and Chromeo. The remix of “Just One Time” marks the debut of SUPERDRIIIV’s new sound, and sets the tone for more releases to come.



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