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WATCH: HURTR Dazzles You With A Mind-Bending Music Video, “guess”



HURTR embraces the sounds of underground electronic music with mind-bending visuals for the first release of the year, “guess. The idea of marrying intense beats through dark synths is bound to attract your attention at all costs.

Without a doubt, the Portland-based duo creates both visual and auditory tension. Actually, sonically speaking it feels as hypnotic as their previous cut “Nu Acid.”

Right out of the blue, the concept behind this new project captures so many things in one single clip. From the isolation during the pandemic to the paradox of duality and gender as a visual construct.

Whatever your perspective is, there will be multiple interpretations. Naturally, all of them are valid within the confusing world of being human.


The exceptional hallucinatory vibes on this track drag you onto the late-night dancefloor, where the intellect doesn’t know the limits of time and space. In essence, HURTR takes you to another dimension while reality and complex emotions collide against each other.

With the mind-bending video, I love the way these guys show an introspective side of their rhythms. Interestingly, “guess” features an element of surprise, which means not knowing where you’re going.

Put another way, it’s scary but intriguing at the same time.



By Erick Ycaza

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