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Watch The Lyric Video For Deltiimo’s Song “Everybody Around The World”



The name Gary Louca holds substantial weight in the dance music scene, and when words broke that he’s collaborating with Holland’s Bradon Grobler for another track, it was easy to imagine it being an absolute anthem. An international single by its very nature, “Everybody Around The World” features the sublime vocals of rising talent Devin Jade backed by swirling instrumentals and dizzying pop sound.

Unapologetically electronic, the track is a rolling call to get up and dance, powering through unfolding synth patterns and subtle percussion that may tend ever so slightly towards two dimensional, but are undeniably catchy. The song itself doesn’t stand alone, with Deltiimo adding another four versions of the track into the mix to complete the release.

Watch The Lyric Video For Deltiimo's Song "Everybody Around The World"
The extended radio version brings the song to a lengthy four minutes forty, SHRAi’s take on both the original and extended versions helps add a little extra definition to the track’s ample pop splendour. Finishing it all off is the drum and bass remix that fires on all cylinders and does exactly what the name implies. It’s a torrent of heavy percussion and reverberating sounds that dispels any doubts about Louca’s ability to create and reinvigorate, and cements his status as a veteran in the business.



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