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Watch The Most Enigmatic Music Video Of 2021, “Racing With The Moon”



You need to watch this enigmatic music video by Helena Sundstrom and Johan Borg aka The Connecting Dots. Having such a cinematic visual style, they make sure the mystery that surrounds their single “Racing With The Moon” creates wonder. Magically, the new track also compels you to listen to it on repeat.

No doubt, “Racing With The Moon” is a captivating Electro-Pop ballad about fear and love, where mixed feelings trigger you to believe in yourself. Besides the mystical side of songwriting, the extraordinary blend of atmospheric synthesizers, drums, and epic rockish guitars gives you a clear idea of their alternative sound.

So far, listeners from Canada, the USA, Germany, and Great Britain have praised the artists’ work since the release of the debut album, ‘Oblivious Beat’ in the last spring.

enigmatic music video

Using engaging vocals to stir drama and emotions, The Connecting Dots bring you a powerful piece worth listening to. Needless to say, “Racing With The Moon” could perfectly fit on a Thriller movie soundtrack. In fact, the visuals that accompany this gem portray unique dreamy settings fading slowly like in a film fade out.

So, if you’re a seeker of everyday mysteries, then this enigmatic music video is definitely for you.



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