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What Is Exactly A Go-Go Dancer?



The article I`m writing today is about Go-Go dancers. I`m sure you have heard this term before, but you don´t know exactly what does that mean. Ok, let´s clear up any confusion about this profession.

So, What is exactly a Go-Go dancer?

Many clubs or discotheques hire ladies to dance and entertain clubbers while they are shaking their feet to the funky beat. DJs, bartenders, and bodyguards are not the only ones who can work in a club, you will also notice the presence of Go-Go dancers on the stage beside the DJ or sometimes in a cage. This is not only a profession for women, but there are also few men who work as Go-Go dancers. However, in this activity, most of them are young girls between the age of 18 and 27. You can identify Go-Go dancers by the type of clothes they wear. Believe me, all of them generally wear crazy costumes and are half-naked, but don´t get confused they`re not strippers.

A lil bit of history . . .
The first Go-Go dancer on planet Earth is a woman, called Carol Doda, who was born on August 29, 1937, and she`s still alive. She worked as a Go-Go dancer during the late-60s through the 80s. Dora became famous when she started to dance totally nude on tables. As of 2010 Dora, which is now 73 years old, has returned again to the zone of Go-Go dancing and is making her performances in different clubs of San Francisco, California.

I don´t think a Go-Go dancer could get rich with a couple of hundred dollars, but I`m sure it´s one of the funniest professions that exist in this world. After doing this research, now I understand why Lady Gaga, used to be a Go-Go dancer before becoming a superstar. Go-Go dancers get paid for dancing, and DJs get paid for playing the music, it`s simple and it´s plain, why should you complain?

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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