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What Is The Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy?



What Is the Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy
Bluetooth speakers are the most recent sound tech gadgets that have hit the market. If you like music and would like to enjoy good quality music on the go or outdoors by your pool or on a camping expedition then you probably should hook yourself up with one of these awesome gadgets.Since there is demand for Bluetooth speakers in the market, different tech companies have seized the opportunity and brought their products to the market.

Today, you will come across different brands of Bluetooth speakers that will not only promise you some awesome audio quality but also come with additional features and functionalities such as the ability to charge your smartphone.Owing to the fact that there are many brands in the market, it is very important for you to pay keen attention when choosing the Bluetooth speakers that will meet your needs. Price is a factor that you need to consider. How much will the gadget cost you?

Here we have taken the initiative of reviewing two low-cost Bluetooth Speakers. Read on to see if they have the features you are looking for.

Doss Wireless Speaker vs. Anker Sound Core 2 Review

When it comes to looking at the Doss Wireless Speaker vs. Anker Sound Core 2 review, this article will consider specifications that include:

• Price
• Sound Specs
• Design Specs
• Connectivity and pairingDoss Bluetooth SpeakerLet’s jump right in, shall we?

a. Price

Since we are reviewing Bluetooth speakers that come at a budget price, what a better spec to look at first than price? Both of these two Bluetooth speakers fall within the $50 price range. The DOSS Bluetooth speaker retails at $34.99 while the Anker speaker goes for $45.99. Based on their prices, The DOSS Bluetooth speaker wins.

b. Sound Specs

Despite their low pricing, both the Anker Sound Core 2 and the DOSS Soundbox have awesome audio quality for their price range. For instance, the Anker comes packed with two 6-Watt drivers and an amazing Anker BassUp technology. On the other hand, the Doss Wireless speaker comes with a full-bodied 12-Watt stereo that is powered by powerful drivers. Based on their sound specs, the two wireless speakers tie.

c. Connectivity and Pairing

Both devices can connect to any Bluetooth device that is found within a 60ft range without any problems. They also recognize recently connected devices and connect to them automatically when they are within the range. Based on this spec, the two wireless speakers tie.

d. Design Specs

The DOSS wireless speaker has a sleek rectangular design and comes with easy to use touch controls. The speaker is durable and made of high-quality materials. The DOSS Soundbox also has an inbuilt microphone which can be used for receiving calls from connected smartphones. Additionally, it also has a memory slot and an audio input.

The Anker Sound Core 2 has what can best be defined as minimalist look. Its controls are not as advanced as those found on the Doss Soundbox but they can be used to accomplish basic functions that include play, pause, and volume. Based on this spec, the DOSS Soundbox wins because of its advanced touch control features, amazing design, and the additional memory slot.

Based on the four specs reviewed above, the DOSS Soundbox is the ultimate winner. This wireless speaker is cheaper, has a better design and is fitted with advanced touch control features.

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