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What Makes A Bedroom Music Producer’s Ideal Set Up?



bedroom music producer

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While the idea of a ‘bedroom producer’, or someone that produces music as a hobby within their own home, is not a new concept, the fact that music technology has continued to become cheaper, more varied, and far more accessible means that it is now more popular than ever before.

The internet means that anyone, anywhere with an online device can access an endless amount of music content online, both from fellow enthusiasts such as themselves or from seasoned industry professionals who share a wealth of knowledge on platforms such as YouTube.

While not every bedroom producer will make it to the mainstream, not many people are even trying – experiencing the joy of making music is more than enough, and countless hours can be spent curating tracks, playing keyboard or guitar directly into the Digital Audio Workstation, or learning the next mixing technique that will take your production to the next level – just to name a few things.

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Part of the beauty of bedroom producing is having a set up or workstation, where all the magic happens. It’s a space that will have many hours spent at it, so having it configured perfectly is a priority, allowing it to be comfortable, powerful and optimized. Read on to find out more about what makes the ideal bedroom-producing set up.


Having an ergonomic, sturdy desk is important to the optimized set up. It’s likely that to contain all aspects of the set up, it needs to be large, with enough surface area to support monitors, speakers, and MIDI instruments.

It’s also worth considering the height of the desk for posture reasons, as well as other options such as standing desks.

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The beating heart of any production set up is the computer. While no one is ever limited by the amount they can learn musically, not having a powerful enough device could seriously hinder your ability to create tracks, use software plugins, and enjoy a smooth process focused on the production of music.

It’s important to purchase a device that has enough RAM and GPU power to ensure all operations run smoothly – but this isn’t too difficult in 2022, as even a Business Laptop contains powerful hardware in the modern age.

Audio Interface

One of the cornerstones of an effective bedroom producer set up is an Audio Interface. Audio interfaces are specialized devices that enable the connection and use of a whole range of audio devices, such as speakers, instruments, and microphones.

While it is possible to operate without one, it is essential for a visceral bedroom-producing set up that includes accessories and the ability to play music into the computer. It acts as a physical control centre for audio.


Last but far from least are the accessories, which fill out the producing set up with devices that turn it from a desk with a computer into a real studio. These accessories range far and wide, catering to the endless needs of different types of music and the people that make it.

Audio monitors, or speakers, provide the sound quality needed to properly mix and master tracks, while devices such as drum machines and MIDI keyboards allow musicality to take centre stage.

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