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What Music Genre Represents Your Favorite Sport?



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Music and sports are a match made in heaven. They go hand-in-hand like eggs and ham, like cream and coffee, and many other awesome partnerships. Sportspeople listen to music to pump themselves up before taking to the field. Before, during, and after games, music blasts out of PR systems to get the crowd jumping. The two are intrinsically linked.

Certain sports lend themselves perfectly to specific music genres. Some are fast-paced, others elegant. Some sports have bone-crunching tackles, others that require finesse to succeed. Each can be linked to a music genre.

ice hockey - heavy metal

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Ice Hockey = Heavy Metal

If ever there was a sport that screamed Heavy Metal at the top of its lungs, it would be ice hockey. The man-mountain players skate around the ice at breakneck speed, armed with sticks and actual blades tied to their feet. Breaks in the action usually come in the form of painful injuries or fights breaking out between the teams; the rink can be akin to a mosh pit! The next time you are looking to claim a big sportsbook bonus for an NHL game, we challenge you not to hear Metallica or Iron Maiden in your head!

Soccer = Techno

Soccer and Techno are a perfect pairing. Both are extremely popular throughout Europe for a start, and fans of both soccer and Techno tend to go all out and get a little crazy during a night out! Both the sport and the music are high tempo, get you off your seat and onto your feet, and the journey they send you on changes several times between the start and finish. It also helps that both soccer and Techno are great to get your drink on to!

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Basketball = RnB

If basketball were a music genre, it would most definitely be RnB. It is a genre that is seen as being overly cool. Both basketball players and RnB stars are known for their individualism and their love of bling. They are dripping in jewelry, drive pimped-out cars, and often travel on their private jets with stunning women on each arm.

RnB and basketball stars tend to be larger-than-life characters who simply love being in the limelight. The term “balla” is used prominently in both the sport and the music that goes so well with it.

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Football = Hip-Hop

No sport in the world screams “I am Hip-Hop” than football does. Many of the NFL’s players come from poor backgrounds where excelling in sport saved them from themselves and an entirely different life. Hip-Hop songs often rap about the singer’s past troubles and how they have now made it into the big time and a world of riches. Sound familiar?

Then there is the often thumping base, the dissing of others through raps, and the culture of sporting your favorite franchises’ colors and logos; do you know of a Hip-Hop or football star that is not covered in tattoos, either?

cricket reggae

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Cricket = Reggae

Cricket is a polarizing sport in that people either love it or despise it, with little middle ground. It is quite a technical and specialized sport whose fans worship the players, but they tend to be relatively unknown in the outside world. Does not that remind you of Reggae?

Furthermore, people from Caribbean countries are cricket fanatics thanks, in part, to the West Indies team of yesteryear. Even Jamaica’s most famous son, Bob Marley, sang “I Don’t Like Cricket,” and you do not get more Reggae than Marley!

Dozens of other sports link up with different music genres either by how they play or the fan base that follows them. What is your favorite music genre, and which sport does it fit perfectly?

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