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What To Wear Golfing For The First Time | Best Fashion Tips Ever



What To Wear Golfing For The First Time | Best Fashion Tips Ever
Golf courses tend to have a dress code so that anybody attending them has to have specific apparels on. Some golf courses, however, lack the dress code and any golfer can wear whatever he or she feels is fit for the game. The dress codes also vary in strictness and this is determined by the rules and regulations of any specific golf course. The existence of the dress code in most cases is determined by the price ranges of the course. To know exactly what to wear golfing for the first time, the newbie should contact the golf course prior to visiting.

Golfing as a professional event

Generally, fast time golfers should be cognizant of the fact that golfing is a professional event and as such conservative in dressing is highly encouraged. Ladies should not have short and revealing skirts on and men should have more appealing clothes on. Having shorts in front of professionals and business colleagues does not sound good for the game. Capri pant is always an amazing choice for the first time golfers. Apart from the Capri, longer khakis also work well for the golf course and the newbies could consider having this on as they undertake their first game in case they lack the Capri pant.

Pairing of the Capri pant

The long khakis or Capri pants can best be paired with a button-down or polo shirts. The golfer should not forget to carry along a sweater in case of a cool weather. Ideally, the apparel should serve two purposes:

1. Allow free movement

2. Provide maximum comfort

It is also advisable that something that is more formal could be carried along for dinner and this varies with the club. Most golf clubs require men golfers who are newbies to wear jackets. The golf clubs with the dressing codes are not willing to relax the rules for the first timers and therefore one should always get in touch ahead of time to get to know what they are actually expected to wear.

golf glove
General attire for a first-time golfer

The following list presents the general guideline on what to wear golfing for the first time:

· Polo Tee Shirt; these keep the body cool since the body always perspires and occasionally needs this cooling effect to remain comfortable.

· Sun Shade Cap; keeps the golfer cool and comfortable by offering protection from the scotching sun in case the game is being undertaken during the day.

· Golf Glove; only needed for one hand. When one plays without the golf glove on, the hands are likely to get a score in as little as ten swings making the golfer be uncomfortable and the game, which is meant to be enjoyable to become generally boring.

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