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What To Wear On A First Date And Why It Matters?



What To Wear On A First Date And Why It Matters
Women who have a well-developed sense of style can instantly assess your appearance and draw the appropriate conclusions. So, even if you are spiritually rich, it is always interesting and cheerful with you, you are the soul of the company and tireless optimist, a girl will not appreciate all this. She just doesn’t have time to consider all this for one date. Moreover, she doesn’t even want to consider something in a person who comes in sneakers, brown jeans, and a green knitted sweater on the first date. Verdict to you will be rendered after 10 seconds of a date and it will be almost impossible to appeal.

Clothing for a person plays the same role as packaging for a gift. But there may be a completely unnecessary and useless thing in a beautiful box tied with a red ribbon and there may be stupidity, ignorance, and meanness under the white shirt, ironed trousers and a tie. But the main task is to attract attention and form the first impression of a person we like. So, how should a man get dressed on the first date? And what if this is a date with one of the Russian women or a woman of your dream? How not to spoil everything?

Choose appropriate clothes

The most common place for a date is a cafe. There are quite a lot of people, so it will not be difficult to stand out (in the good sense of the word). But don’t overdo. You will look ridiculous in an expensive suit from a famous brand. It is better to wear dark jeans and a light cardigan. Particular attention should be paid to shoes. Don’t wear sneakers. In general, when going on a date, exclude sports clothes from your field of vision. And your shoes should be clean regardless of the price. So, it will not be superfluous to take a sponge with you.

Choose appropriate clothes

When going to the cinema, stick to the same rules about clothes as for a cafe. It is also worth considering that it can be a little cold inside, so a light jacket or windbreaker will come in handy.

In general, try to dress according to the weather. Shorts and sandals in the fall will look ridiculous, as well as woolen socks in a thirty-degree heat. If your date is planned in the open air, then it will not be out of place to find out the weather forecast and, if necessary, to take an umbrella with you. In my opinion, an umbrella is the only accessory of clothes that can’t spoil the appearance of a man. Everything else is of no use on the date. Enormous rings and gold chains as thick as a pinky finger are also better to take off, unless, of course, your chosen one is a magpie, flying to everything sparkling and shining. Really wealthy and serious people will never demonstrate their richness in such a way and it may be known to your girlfriend.

And finally, clothes should be of your size. No rolling of trousers and sleeves is allowed. You should feel as comfortable and confident as possible in a suit or jeans, a shirt or a jumper.

comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable and good shoes

Shoes are the second face of a man and girls pay much more attention to this than we think. If you are going to a luxury restaurant, then you need to follow the strict dress code. Here, an expensive suit, a tie and a shirt with a starched collar will be appropriate. However, if you rarely wear such clothes, I would advise you to rehearse a little beforehand – to wear a suit, walk in it in the house, sit at a table, eat, etc. This is necessary to ensure that you feel more confident on the first date and not nervous constantly because of the lack of habit to such clothes. Your jerking can be misinterpreted by a girl and attributed to self-doubt.

smell is important
Smell is important

You have to smell pleasant. There should be a subtle aroma and not a mile-long stink. Therefore, you don’t need to pour half a bottle of perfume on yourself.

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