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What´s The Best Online Music Store?



Poll # 12 March 28th, 2011
  I have never bought music in iTunes, but it´s unbelievable that it was chosen by most of you as the best online music store. Three people thinks iTunes sells good music at excellent prices (42%). Of course, I gave my vote to Beatport because it´s the ideal place to buy music, specially if you are a DJ who needs to get the music library updated. The bad thing about Beatport is that the music they sell is more expensive than in iTunes. For example, I don´t like when some remixes at Beatport cost $2.49, that´s ridiculous! I think that a  fair price for a song is $1.99 no less and no more. The other online music stores that got only 1 vote were DJTunes from Germany, and Juno Download from the U.K. each one with (14%) of acceptance.

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