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What’s True And New About Yona Marie’s Latest RnB Release?



RnB release
Listening to Yona Marie‘s latest RnB release “Take Me To The Moon” feels like riding in a time machine. Today you can travel back to the 90s and early 2000s music eras. Interestingly enough, she combines her multiple talents from singing, songwriting, and producing just to name a few.

Rhythmically bright and sassy, the fresh song puts you in a whole dancing mood. Something you will notice is that her sexy vocals flow effortlessly throughout the entire track. Naturally, “Take Me To The Moon” is so pleasing to the ears and I refuse to change my thinking on this.

You might like to give it a try right here via Spotify or on other streaming platforms.

What’s more, writing lyrics about fictional characters seems to be Yona Marie’s favorite hobby. In some way, it will remind you of material girls who manage to do the impossible to achieve power and money. Sad but true, it is increasingly common to see them forming relationships for the sole purpose of taking someone’s wealth.

On the other hand, the Maryland-born artist offers a jam which fits nicely into any kind of playlist. There’s really nothing to complain about it. Beyond its original concept, “Take Me To The Moon” is full of engaging moments that get stuck in your head easily.

Stay tuned for her upcoming gems as she covers everyday subjects with a stunning voice many singers would aspire to have.



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