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When A Poem Is Transformed Into Music… Listen To “Finding Peace”



Naveed Ali and his new project Nav Studios set the perfect mood on “Finding Peace, an inspirational song that lifts your spirit especially if you’re passing through difficult times. Actually, the whole composition is a moving poem brought from a musical standpoint.

Certainly, there’s a powerful meaning behind the lyrics, which might remind you of relatable moments. One way or another, his words also incite you to trust your inner voice in order to move forward with wisdom and guidance.

In a nutshell, follow your heart and find tranquility deep within it.

Are you into acoustic songs? Then, this tune should be on your playlist on repeat.

Just breathe and pay attention to the essence of “Finding Peace,” a track you will treasure.

Finding Peace
On the other side of the coin, Naveed’s forte isn’t singing nor producing melodies, however, he excels in songwriting.

Believe it or not, there’s a team of outstanding anonymous artists behind the Nav Studios project that gives life to his reflective verses. Well, “Finding Peace” is a great example of a combination of talents.

As a curious fact, in his spare time, Naveed’s imagination is like a seed that keeps growing to develop interesting children’s books and creative literary work. And that is to say nothing of his passion for entrepreneurship and charitable activities.

Keep an eye out for more updates via the official YouTube channel.



By Erick Ycaza

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