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When Dance Parties Spin Out Of Control



Drugs, alcohol and extreme heat created a medical crisis at a Boston Electronic Music show

dance parties out of control
Ambulances swarmed an EDM show in Boston on June 25, as dozens of concertgoers were rushed to area hospitals, suffering from complications due to alcohol, drugs and extreme heat.

The number of people affected was unusual. Authorities said that more than 50, many of them minors, were treated on the scene. But the problem has become far too familiar at Electronic Music Festivals.

It’s important to keep it in perspective. If you have 25,000 people at the arena, and 50 people are taken to the hospital, that’s a small percentage.

But one issue is the size of the venue. It’s easier to keep things under control at private events and in smaller nightclubs.
A DJ can come in and feel the crowd and the energy, as opposed to when they’re on a stage and no one’s even close to you… people go wild and crazy when they’re in a sea of other people.

You don’t get that as much when you’re in a controlled environment. When you’re at a huge concert, you also have dealers going around who see it as a big moneymaking opportunity.

Does the DJ ever take a step back and think, “Oh, my God, do I think this crowd is wasted on drugs?” No. Because they’re performing.

The only time a DJ will ever stop a show is if he or she thinks their performance is in jeopardy, if there’s a safety issue on a mass scale. But the more something [like EDM] becomes mainstream, the more problems are going to be blamed on the DJ or the music. That’s just a fact of life!

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