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When Science Crashes With Medicine



When Science Crashes With MedicineHow was this company get started?

A group of MD’s, Harvard statisticians, and executives from some of fashion’s top firms met up through fellow friends in the consulting industry. The meet up was never suppose to happen. All of the lead creators of the firm wanted to cancel, but aren’t they glad they didn’t. After a conversation, and drinks, Infinito.NYC was thought up using all of their skills in order to create one of fashion’s smartest, and most advance firms.

What makes Infinito.NYC special?

Infinito is the world’s most technologically advanced fashion firm, because for the first time, algorithms have been integrated into shapes, colors, and styles in order to determine the best possible combinations for this and upcoming seasons. The goal is for our predictive technology to be in sync with the cognitive patterns of addictive retail therapy. In return, we have created the fashion corporation of the future.

Where can I get or even see these handbags or backpacks?

As of now, only endorsed celebrities and very few others have been able to test the bags. In May 2015, the bags will be available worldwide.

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