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Who Is Jason Luv? Everything You Need To Know About His Song Going Viral



Who Is Jason Luv? Everything You Need To Know About His Song Going Viral On Instagram & TikTok
Music artist Jason Luv surprised the world when he showed up on Instagram with a song during the virus epidemic happening on a Sunday night. Jason Luv went live on Instagram Rap star Tory Lanez Live called Quarantine Radio in a performance that had over 360,000 live viewers in it. Jason Luv isn’t new to the music scene, but on a night when thousands of people tuned into the live stream, many who are unfamiliar with the artist wanted to know more about him. Overnight his followers shot up to 130,000 Followers from all the viewers that were online watching the live.

Jason Luv has been putting himself on the map in EDM, Latin, and Rap for the past few years. His latest track “TikTok” has gone viral on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok with video by celebrities and big influencers. There are dozens of rappers doing music but Jason Luv has a success song on his hands and has the potential to hit the Billboards. Currently, the song has already clocked in millions of plays and has fans around the world doing TikTok videos to the song.

Jason Luv did not have an easy ride to where he is right now. Very few rappers managed to go viral immediately with their first song. Some rappers specialized in mixtapes and released a song much later. Many rappers had to wait for years before one single became a big hit. Only a few rappers make waves soon after they start using did very well in a short span of time and Jason Luv is one of them.

During his live session, Jason Luv featured his music in the background which instantly caught the attention of viewers and led to an influx in demand for Jason Luv music. His management team reported that after being featured on “Quarantine Radio,” his views and streams rose by 35% percent and even earned them a surprising phone call from

Luckily for Jason Luv, he was able to connect with Lanez before “Quarantine Radio” was reported as inappropriate to Instagram due to explicit sexual behavior share by Tory Lanez female participants.

Jason Luv new album will be released summer 2021 on all streaming platforms. His hit singles like “Dance The Night Away”, “Tik Tok”, and “Let’s Go Shopping” will be on the album.



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