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Why Are Bangs And Pixie Cuts Making It To Favorite Hairstyles?



Why Are Bangs And Pixie Cuts Making It To Favorite Hairstyles?

Guest Post by Creative Ashley

There are bangs for short hair, medium hair and long hair. In fact, bangs are making their way into all kinds of trending hairstyles like never before. The going is only getting better for them with a wide range of hairstyling options being available for grabs at salons, hair spas, etc. This is specifically true if you decide to opt for elongated bangs. Then, there are the fancy-looking side-swept bangs that have already made it to the top of the charts for quite a few seasons consecutively. Bangs can be worn in a swoopy form, as braided styles, slicked or pinned back, or just about any other way – every time, they succeed in imparting an altogether different and attractive look for their wearers.

In general, bangs suit people with medium or short hair lengths. This is the very reason why beauty reports are packed with appealing medium-length haircuts and short fringe hairstyles that are laced with bangs to make them look all the more attractive. Similarly, short and cute bob hairstyles and haircuts go well with bangs. In fact, along with giving off a trendy and contemporary look, they call for a classy style and are quite easy to maintain and flaunt.

pixie haircut
The sassy pixie haircuts that have bangs look equally good and are the cynosure of all eyes. They make people look much younger than their actual age and are certainly the right way to go for wearers who love following the latest trends for their tresses. Even though bangs are best suited for short and medium they ably complement the looks of women bestowed with long hair. Fringes and bangs can be woven into long hairstyles to create mind-blowing hair dos and a totally new look!

Enough of bangs. How about shifting tracks and taking a peep into the alluring world of pixie cuts that looks good with or without bangs. Here are some of the most favorite styles that make it to the hotlist of pixie cut lovers.

Tapered Pixie cut with long-sized bangs

Tired of the mundane locks given off by your medium length hair? Add some bangs to up your glam quotient and sport a younger look. Go for a cut with longer strands lingering on top of your mane and short hair kissing your nape. This interesting style would work wonders with just about any hair shade or texture. If you have decided to go funky, then you may want to go for darker roots with stark hints of rust to create the right impact.

Layered pixie cut with a nape undercut

How about asking your hair stylist to give you a nice pixie cut complete with pinkish highlights to go with a silver base that appears as a very short stacked bob? This one-of-a-kind hairstyle would get you loads of compliments courtesy the angled top layers with perfect texture and edges. Yes, this short hairstyle with a difference will certainly make heads turn your way.

Thick haired longish pixie bob cut

If you desire to grant more body for your hair then go for beautifully graded layers that offer enough body and dimension. Imparting a gorgeous hairstyle silhouette, this style is surely one to die for if you wish to look different from the herd. This cut would particularly suit women with heart-shaped faces as they are lucky enough to complement just about any kind of short or medium haircut; this style is no exception.

Silver pixie cut for longish faces

Extreme colors such as platinum blonde, gray, etc. would surely look more intriguing if you decide to go for a long pixie cut. This style can be fitfully complemented by working in some bangs for softening the look. Though straight locks and sleek bangs are likely to look good on finer hair textures, they can be pulled off with aplomb with all kinds of hair.

Auburn pixie cut complete with wavy fringe

As per the stylists of bangs at pixie cuts are best suited for hairstyles having long bangs. In case you are the mistress of red or dark brown wavy hair, a stylish and sweet haircut will be just right for you.

The list of short and medium styles with bangs, or without them, goes on and on. It is indeed time to take another look at how you sport your hair at most times and bring in a change with an altogether new hairstyle. Try a unique pixie cut or go for simple bangs to add volumes to your existing hairstyle – you will be happy to see the results!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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