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Why CBD Is Becoming More Prevalent In The Dance Music Industry



Why CBD Is Becoming More Prevalent In The Dance Music Industry

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Cannabis products, the good old fashioned kind that gets you high, have long been a staple of the music industry as a whole. It makes sense, THC opens your mind and relaxes your body, paving the way for the creativity to flow freely. But as more and more DJs in the EDM movement are going healthy and straight-edge, could non-THC CBD oil products be the new substance of choice?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a plant compound found in both the marijuana plant and it’s cousin industrial hemp. When derived from hemp, CBD contains none of the THC properties that produce a high but is still able to offer many health-related benefits. In an article by CBD KYRO, CBD oils and tinctures are explained to have a relaxing and focusing effect on the mind as well as being used for chronic pain, inflammation, and other conditions. There are plenty of opportunities for a plant-based concoction that helps the body regulate mood, movement, inflammation, and pain in the EDM world.

CBD For Mood Enhancement And Creativity Among EDM DJs

Even without the THC properties, legal CBD products can help enhance creativity in other ways. First of all, CBD works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system that stimulates mood (among other things). Many users report that CBD helps them relax and can increase focus. To use CBD for mood enhancement, one of the best products is CBD oil that can be placed under the tongue. You can get a full list of the best CBD oils on the market right now from Daily CBD Mag. By using the CBD oil and a dropper you can avoid harmful vaping side effects on your lungs.


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Dance music composers and DJs can benefit from mood enhancement from daily CBD use. It can help you worry less about the unyielding pressures of the business and let you enjoy creating music again. Popular DJs today are in high demand, work crazy hours, and fall under constant critic and scrutiny. We could all use a little mood-regulation in our lives, but people who live under a social media microscope are even more in need of relief.

Relief For Social Anxiety And Dealing With Crowds At Clubs, Raves, And Festivals

Music festivals have enjoyed a huge popularity surge in the last ten years. And none are more non-stop fun than EDM festivals. It’s like a rave that goes on for days. And while many people thrive in a chaotic crowded environment, others have difficulty partying it up with tons of strangers. If you love EDM but suffer from any degree of social anxiety, then CBD might be the answer you’ve been looking for. While CBD clinical studies to date have been somewhat lacking due to ever-changing hemp and cannabis laws, there was a study in 2010 on the effect of CBD and social anxiety. Brain scans helped provide proof that CBD acts on parts of the brain responsible for anxiety. Another study in 2011 studied public speaking and CBD use with positive results. All of this suggests that CBD could help you enjoy crowded places a little more than usual.

CBD anxiety

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If you’ve been avoiding your first festival due to anxiety, give CBD a try then check out this list of the best under-rated music festivals put out by Forbes. Music festivals give you the opportunity to share your passion with other fans and meet new people, not to mention hear some of your favorite bands and DJs live.

Ease Sore Muscles After A Night Of Dancing Or DJing

If you party all night at the club listening to EDM then you’re bound to have some soreness the next day. DJs also suffer from tendonitis and other job-related aches and pains. Luckily, CBDs main use is as a casual pain reliever. It won’t help you with a broken arm but if you have chronic aches then this might become your go-to cover the counter medication. CBD can be made into a topical cream that can be rubbed into the skin over sore joints and muscles.

Many health websites such as WebMD are reporting on the possibility that CBD could help curb the opioid addiction epidemic that is brewing all over the globe. Opioids are addictive pain relievers and wide-spread use has created a generation of accidental addicts. If you have chronic pain or occasional pain from dancing the night away, try the all-natural non-addictive alternative of CBD rather than traditional pharmaceuticals. With CBD becoming legal all over the US it is getting easier to find and has been infused with more and more products. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect CBD pain relief cream for what ails you.

How To Unwind And Get A Good Night’s Rest When The Music Is Over

When you come home from a night of hard clubbing you just want to crash and sleep for hours. Unfortunately, your brain has something else in mind. A night of heart-pounding music and strobe lights will leave your mind feeling jittery and wired, making it hard to fall asleep. Luckily, another one of CBD’s most popular uses is as a sleeping aid.

good night rest

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For many people, a busy or otherwise anxious mind is the leading cause of insomnia. CBD helps reduce anxiety and relax the body, creating a better internal condition for sleep.

Some early research has shown that CBD does impact the sleep cycle, improving REM sleep. While the studies are hopeful, there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove how it works exactly. If you’re interested in using CBD for sleep, pay close attention to user reviews that can provide a first-hand look at how the product has helped improve their sleep. Some sleep inducing CBD products are combined with known sleep enhancers like melatonin, chamomile, and lavender. Creating a positive sleep environment by eliminating lights and sounds, having a comfortable mattress, and the perfect sleep temperature can also help improve the quality of your sleep after a rave.

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