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Why Every Guy Needs Designer Cologne?



Why Every Guy Needs Designer Cologne
If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a designer cologne but felt the price was too prohibitive, you’re in luck. Monthly subscription service ScentBird has you covered. For the low price of only $14.95 a month, ScentBird will deliver a 30-day supply of designer cologne (enough for up to 4 sprays per day) straight to your doorstep. You’ll receive a different fragrance each month to keep things fresh. And you’ll receive a free re-usable cologne case with your first order. Why designer cologne? Well, designer fragrances are more subtle in their approach. While scent types may vary, the fragrance oil concentration lands in the range of 8-12%, according to The Wall Street Journal. This means you’ll be able to turn heads with your new scent without stinking up the room. When you go designer, you also get more options. The creative directors behind the most popular designer men’s scents are aware that you’re leading a lifestyle. In turn, they’ve created a host of fragrances that suit different occasions and seasons of your life. If you like Dolce & Gabbana’s, “The One For Men,” you can easily find a complementary scent for other aspects of your life or different times of the year. If you want to lighten things up, “The One Sport,” has you covered for all those formal occasions. Making a foray into designer cologne is about wearing fragrance for your entire lifestyle and not just a particular event. If you want further proof that you need to join the league of men spraying themselves with designer scents, you can rest assured that all the cool kids are doing it. The premium fragrance industry is raking in over $8 billion a year in revenue. That’s a lot of cologne. And that represents a lot of guys who are truly invested in smelling good and doing it the right way. If you want to be a part of this exclusive group of men who are the experts in designer men’s fragrance, look no further than ScentBird. You’ll have all the benefits of luxury fragrance without a whole bottles’ worth of ScentBird commitment. Select Your Designer Fragrance now!

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Delivered for Just $14.95/month

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