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Why Some Of The Rolexes Called “Rolex President”?



rolex president
Colloquially, the watch gets its name from the Rolex president band. The Rolex president bracelet has a simple yet elegant design. Specifically crafted for the launch of the Rolex President Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in 1956, Rolex boasts that the band “represents the ultimate in refinement and comfort and is always made of carefully selected precious metals.” The Rolex Presidential Day-Date goes by many names, but it is still the symbol of status and prestige the company intended when it was first designed.

Rolex Presidential History

What makes the Rolex presidential? It’s not just the band. As the company has long been the pinnacle symbol of esteem, many presidents throughout the years have lent their names for endorsement to the Rolex brand. Then General Dwight D. Eisenhower, was photographed sporting a Rolex President Datejust 18K gold watch, for the cover of Time Magazine in 1951, five years before the release of the Rolex Day-Date and just two prior to Eisenhower being elected president. In 1962, Marilyn Monroe gave an inscribed Rolex Presidential to JFK, on the infamous night that she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” at Madison Square Garden. JFK apparently told his aide to “get rid” of the watch, yet mysteriously it popped up for auction in 2005, and sold to an anonymous bidder for $120,000, along with its original box and a love poem written by Monroe. Finally, Lyndon B. Johnson was the first sitting President to wear the Rolex Day-Date – now officially it was presidential. LBJ was also known to gift Rolex watches to his close friends and colleagues. More recently, Rolex’s tradition of bipartisanship has continued in the White House. President Trump was often seen sporting Rolex presidential day-date watch in all gold. While President Biden was sworn in on inauguration day in his stainless-steel Rolex Datejust with blue dial, prompting the New York Times to call him, “Watch Geek-in-Chief.”

A Rolex Presidential 18K yellow gold watch was even worn by TV’s favorite crime boss, Tony Soprano, customized with a Rolex Presidential champagne dial, throughout the show’s tenure on HBO in the early 2000s. It is reported that in the real world, the late, great James Gandolfini wore a Rolex Submariner, and Jamie Lynn-Sigler, who played Meadow Soprano, Tony’s daughter on the show, sports a Rolex Daytona herself.

Rolex Presidential Value

Time and time again in our lives we learn the hard lesson that you get what you pay for. The Rolex president watch value derives just as much from the precious metals that it is a composite of, as the magnificent feats of wearable engineering that keep its hands ticking, giving them the ability and accuracy necessary for telling its master the time. The Rolex Presidential Day-Date only comes in 18K gold or certified 950 platinum. Oyster Perpetual refers to the watch’s case, manufactured specifically to protect the precious metal interior. And the Rolex Presidential Oyster case is hermetically sealed by a Rolex exclusive tool, making the Rolex presidential waterproof up to 330 feet or 100 meters. Today’s Rolex President Day-Date watches are outfitted with calibre 3255, “a new-generation movement.” One which Rolex boasts is designed and made entirely in-house: “This self-winding mechanical movement is at the forefront of the art of watchmaking. A consummate demonstration of Rolex technology, with 14 patents, it offers fundamental gains in terms of precision, power reserve, resistance to shocks, and ease of use and reliability.”

Rolex Presidential Watch Cost

The Rolex Presidential price ranges from $36,000 to around $40,000 USD for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date series. The base price for the Rolex presidential oyster is dependent on the material and face size. Watch-wearers have the choice of having their timepiece made from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. And the Rolex Presidential faces come in two different sizes, 36mm vs. 40mm. For example, a 40mm Rolex President in 18K yellow gold costs $36,550, while a Rolex President white gold 40mm costs $39,250. Buyers will only save $400 off the Rolex President retail price when opting for the smaller, 36mm face size ($100/millimetre, that’s a steal!) On top of material and size, buyers can also adjust the features of the Rolex president bezel and dial. A 40mm Rolex Day-Date in white gold with a diamond encrusted bezel and dial, will max your Amex out at $59,100. Meanwhile, a more modest Rolex Presidential 36mm in yellow gold simply with a fluted bezel and white dial costs $33,150. It is always recommended that you purchase Rolexes for sale from reputable Rolex retailers with high rating, to verify its authenticity and to provide any potential future buyers of your watch a way to trace its lineage. Whether you are wearing a preside

Is a Presidential Rolex a Good Investment?

While everyone must answer this question for themselves, Rolex President watches have undeniably held onto their value and aged like the finest of wines. The Rolex President Day-Date is still the most prestigious accessory a person of means could drape around their wrist. The Rolex presidential watch is a bold, and flashy, statement of confidence and wealth. The initial sticker price is undoubtedly a steep ask, but Rolex presidential resale value always increases. And accessorizing your nicest outfit with a Rolex president watch is as bold a statement of confidence one can make through fashion. From Eisenhower to Tony Soprano, Rolex presidential watches project power for anyone commanding enough to wield one.

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5 Haircuts For Men With A Receding Hairline



haircuts for men with a receding hairline

©[wundervisuals] /Getty Images

If you’re noticing that your hair is beginning to thin out, or your hairline creeping back, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

There are ways in which you can help reduce the appearance of a receding hairline, volumize your hair and make you look younger. One such way is by considering a new hairstyle that can completely transform your look.

Let’s take a look at some that can help you look and feel younger!

1. The Comb Over

A comb-over is one of the most popular hairstyles for men who are losing hair. The style is parted at one side and the remaining hair on top is combed to one side, hence the name!

This can be done at either side and gives men the opportunity to cover their balding sports or their receding hairlines with the rest of their hair on top. It adds volume on top, giving the impression that you have more hair than you actually do.

comb over

©[Hirurg] /Getty Images

You also have the choice of length on the sides, although if you’re looking for a more youthful look, it may be an idea to go short on the sides. If you’re more experimental, you can even shave in tramlines or patterns to spruce up the look a bit!

If you’re worried you haven’t got enough hair for this look, there are many professional, qualified businesses that can help, such as a Tampa hair restoration service. Although it’s the most expensive choice, getting a hair transplant is the more permanent solution, guaranteed to make a difference and solve your hairline problems.

2. Slick Back

Using quite a bit of hair product, follow your hairline and comb from the front to the back of your head to create a slick back look. This hairstyle is elegant, neat, and sophisticated and has been worn by many high-profile celebrities such as David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt.

This hairstyle is great for men of all ages and is particularly useful if you’re aiming to highlight your widow’s peak.

3. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has come back into fashion with a vengeance! Suitable for all age groups, the buzz cut is a fantastic way of eliminating the noticeability of a receding hairline or bald patches. By cutting your hair the same length all around the head, you’re making the thin and shorter parts of the hair less noticeable.

©[Tara Moore] /Getty Images

You don’t have to experience hair loss to have a buzz cut, but it may be useful to find out if you are losing hair to make it easier to maintain in the future. There are things to look out for if you think you may be losing your hair or your family are susceptible to male pattern baldness, so be sure to check them out!

The buzz cut creates a rugged, but simultaneously neat look, and it’s one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain!

4. Short on Top With A Beard

This is a very popular choice for men susceptible to male pattern baldness. Cutting your hair short on top has the same benefits as the buzz cut, making bald patches and receding hairlines less noticeable. But, by adding a beard, you can compensate for the lack of hair on top!

Growing a beard will draw attention away from the lack of hair on top and acts as more of a statement feature. Beard also opens up more styling options, so you can experiment with your look through facial hair instead of head hair.

©[Veit Störmer / EyeEm] /Getty Images

5. Mohawk

You may look at that word and think: absolutely not. But, Mohawks come in many sizes and shapes and can be as eccentric or toned down as you wish. By concentrating your hair on the central strip of your head, you can cover bald spots and redirect attention away from bald spots and receding hairlines.

You can experiment with the back and sides and leave the top as long as you’d like!

Final Thoughts

Hair restorations are an easy, permanent solution to receding hairlines, but it’s not for everyone. So, any of these 5 hairstyles can help you hide your areas of concern and help you create a more youthful look!

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What Are Tactical Pants?



tactical pants

©[Panther Media GmbH] /Alamy

The type of apparel known as tactical trousers is unique. They have greater utility, are made of sturdy fabric, and feature a few extra components. Unlike camouflage pants, they are usually plain and are often suitable for wearing in both extreme and urban conditions. To take full advantage of all the benefits of tactical work pants, buy quality pants from the Galls brand.

What makes tactical pants different from regular pants?

There are several factors, each of which is important and without which tactical trousers would be the most common trousers.

● Practicality. Practical tactical gear pants are needed for tactical actions since you need to be effective. They serve to both hide your body and facilitate your performance. They must thus offer a certain degree of comfort, mobility, and well-designed pockets for transporting valuables. Design choices should be sensible, and there shouldn’t be any pointless components. Practicality and versatility are complementary traits.

©[BarksJapan] /Alamy

● Multifunctionality. Widely adaptable tactical pants should enable you to distribute mission-critical gear to the front, rear, and sides as you see appropriate. Carrying equipment is crucial, but it’s not the only consideration. Furthermore, your pants should protect you from the environment and, most importantly, the opposition. In the end, you want useful pocket designs and materials that can withstand fire and water while still offering some degree of disguise.

● Durability. Military cargo pants need to be strong and able to take more strain than typical. These are work clothing that you wear under challenging circumstances; they are subjected to filth, abrasion, chemical and physical elements, as well as UV radiation. Dynamic tactical circumstances frequently call for quick mobility and repositioning. The groin and knee regions frequently experience the most strain and rip the fastest. For this reason, you need materials that are dependable and long-lasting, such as ripstop textiles and combinations of materials like nylon and cotton or polyester and cotton.

©[Eye-Stock] /Alamy

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4 Tips To Dress For Success: Men’s Edition



dress for success

©[VioletaStoimenova] /Getty Images

Making a good first impression by dressing up could make or break a deal. And in today’s work-from-home world, dressing for success even means putting some thought in, albeit for your reflection in the mirror.

As psychologists report, over and over – success starts with your mindset, and your mind cares about how you feel. So, if you feel successful and you look like success, who’s to stop you?

Are you really selling it with the way you dress? Below are 4 tips to dress for success!

1. Don’t Wear a Clip-On Tie

Clip-on ties are out. In the professional realm, they’re viewed as a lazy alternative to learning to tie a tie. What’s more, a clip-on gives such a poor first impression that it could be your potential employer’s subconscious “no” to your otherwise sturdy resume.

So, if you have a birthday coming up and are looking for gifts for the stylish man, a fancy tie is the way to go.

If neither you nor your man knows how to tie a tie, check out a YouTube tutorial. It will take practice to get it down right, but there’s no excuse to use a clip-on.

2. Stick to Classic Shirts

It’s a good idea to have shirts that will resist the test of time.

Start off with a neutral-colored shirt if you’re at a loss as to how to create an outfit. Neutral colors include black, gray, white, brown, and navy. Lightweight linen is a good option for a more relaxed but dressy look.

©[VioletaStoimenova] /Getty Images

Neutrals are timeless because you can wear them in any season. Plus, they look great with either a suit or jeans. Neutral-colored classic shirts are also easy to match, and you can dress up or down with accessories.

Make sure your shirts are well-fitted to ensure a clean and polished look.

3. Iron Your Clothes

It may not seem like a big deal, but making sure your clothing is clean and pressed actually makes a huge difference. Washing your clothes isn’t enough to make them look fresh and neat.

Ironing your clothes does more for your appearance than just removing wrinkles. You get a more sophisticated look, plus ironing increases your clothes’ longevity because of the high temperature that removes bad smells, protects the lining, and seals the fabric.

©[paulw11] /Getty Images

4. Get a Pair of Nice Shoes

Your shoes are a basic part of your outfit that makes a huge difference to your look. When looking for a pair of shoes, pick something that will go with many types of events and occasions.

Black or brown shoes go well with a wide range of colors. Go extreme and opt for black or cream, and you should still be able to coordinate with anything in your closet.

©[anzeletti] /Getty Images

For casual days, choose elegant sneakers. They’re trendy but still dressy enough to go with your outfit.

And of course, take good care of your shoes so they last you years. Keep the leather and suede in good condition by polishing and shining from time to time. Invest in a cleaning kit to give your shoes the care they deserve – they take you everywhere!

Final Thoughts

Staying up-to-date with the hamster wheel of style trends as a successful man is nearly impossible. However, using a couple of tricks of the trade to keep your closet timeless and functional can make styling your outfits easy. You might even find yourself the best-dressed man in the room.

Take a step in the right direction – your success might just start in your closet!

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