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Why Twitter Wants To Buy SoundCloud?



2014-05-20 20_59_46-Should Twitter Crack Open Its Nest Egg To Acquire SoundCloud_ _ TechCrunchTwitter may be in talks to purchase SoundCloud, a large service that is known by some as YouTube for audio.

There are two obvious reasons Twitter might want to buy a company like the privately held SoundCloud. First is Twitter’s longstanding desire to get closer to the music industry. Its attempts so far, most notably with its own #Music app, have largely been unsuccessful.

Second, SoundCloud is said to have 250 million users around the world, which could be a boon to Twitter as the social-networking company seeks to boost its growth.

To some industry observers, Twitter buying SoundCloud would make sense for both companies. A deal like this makes sense for Twitter, because it gives them a much needed push into media and adds into their business another really interesting and popular publishing platform.

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