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Wickid Pissa Films Announces 2016 AFM Film Slate



Wickid Pissa Films Announces 2016 AFM Film Slate
Wickid Pissa Films
has unveiled its slate of projects they will be pitching at the 2016 AFM in Santa Monica this week. They will be meeting with buyers and investors to produce these original screenplays and bring them to distributors and festivals across the globe in 2017.


The story centers on the life of Julian Toula, a Greek mobster from Hollywood and the second leader of the infamous Juicy Jive Gang. He was the right-hand man to Jimmy “Juicy” McNeil, the originator of the gang, and took over the rackets when Juicy was killed during the Hollywood Gang Wars. It was Los Angeles in the late 1960’s — the darkest of days for rivaling gangs — a time when news of frequent killings on the streets became more popular reading than the sports page. A time when law enforcement passively stood by and allowed feuding gang members to meet their untimely demise amidst the brutal violence they gratuitously bestowed on each other.


Keith Haring’s talent was first recognized on subway platforms, where his trademark chalk-drawn figures could be seen for the price of a token. It was New York, mid-’70s, the tissue of the cultural fabric was shredded by tumultuous shifts in sentiment and sexuality. The fizzle of hippiedom had made way for the punk-rock generation with its fiery rebuking of the system. Haring completed thousands of public works and his subway drawings, murals, sculptures and paintings became synonymous worldwide, as had his artistic friendships with Madonna, Basquiat, William Burroughs and Andy Warhol.


This trilogy is big-budget, highly commercial, international in both scope and flavor, and has the blockbuster and tentpole potential to become a major hit with a stand-out lead character perfect for licensing. Set in the mid-1960’s, the “Absolutely Smashing” trilogy revolves around Darla Chandler, a British female pop singer who also works as a secret agent for S.M.A.S.H. (Strategic Measures Against Soviet Hegemony), a clandestine UK intelligence service. A young woman who leads two completely different lives — one highly public, the other highly secret — and who manages to deal with the complications of each and maintain this dual existence with cool British style, wit, and self-confidence.


A mysterious man and his odd butler show up in the remote town of Frumsville with aspirations of becoming its mayor but when he meets the current female elected official and her supporters things become anything but normal.


A twisted and cerebral belle uses her sexuality and profound psychobabble to lure two young college boys into wild experience trips. As she manipulates them into performing unforgettable and bizarre acts of suffering, her erratic means of observing their behavior gets out of control and everyone involved is forced to deal with the disastrous consequences.

Check out the Wickid Pissa Films titles available on Vimeo Demand:

“Helen Keller Had A Pit Bull”


“Desert Drive”

“Frank Flutie”

For meetings and inquiries at AFM 2016:
Josh Mitchell
Wickid Pissa Films

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Producer Zoé Pelloux’s Next Project Is A Psychedelic Drama,”The Lost End”



Zoé Pelloux
One of the most exciting psychedelic dramas of the decade will have a release date later this year. This upcoming film called “The Lost End” is currently in the works. It has been produced by none other than the talented Zoé Pelloux. What’s more, it will tell the story of a man who is looking for his family after they were kidnapped by a cult. Interestingly, the cast includes experienced actors Andy Phillips, Every Heart and Isabella Valotti.

Originally from France, Zoé is a professional who loves the world of cinema since her early childhood. Over the years, she moved to America, where she got her MFA in Producing at the New York Film Academy in Burbank. Well, you can get an idea of her visual work by watching the teaser trailer of “Two Weeks In Laredo”. Believe it or not, her recent project vintage-looking project was selected at the Paris Short Film Festival. So, if it catches your attention, please visit Zoé’s website for more updates.

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Rodrigo Rocha Stars In New Indie Film “SSW Of The Border”



Rodrigo Rocha
Actor Rodrigo Rocha is not slowing down anytime soon. After a slew of roles, he is preparing to lead a feature Indie movie, “SSW Of The Border”. Set to start production in the first quarter of 2019, the film is projected to be released early next year.

“SSW Of The Border” will be directed by Felipe Bretas and Bruno Vieira. Other casts of the movie include Kayky Brito, Zhubin Rahbar, Eduardo Magalhaes, Dani Antunes, Eben Reinhardt, Joao Gevaerd, Dimi Papas, Kenzie Dodds, Rhaina Rodovalho, and Juliana Amador.

“SSW Of The Border” movie will start production in April 2019. An official release date has been revealed that the film should be coming to theaters in February 2020. Stay tuned by following Rodrigo on Instagram and Facebook. More info on “SSW Of The Border” can be found on the official website.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch The LEGO Movie



5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch The LEGO Movie
The Lego movie was made with the motive of attracting children and giving them some important lessons that the Lego game teaches us. The children were the main target audience of the movie, but once the movie was released in the theatres, this notion was discarded. The director with the help of finely assembled Lego toys presented such a story to the audience that their eyes were glued to the screen for the entire duration of the movie.

The Lego movie was liked across the world and received many accolades and good wishes from influential people across the globe. Starting from the characters to animation to a story line, everything was above par and much above the expectations of people. You must have watched the movie multiple times by now. What? You have not watched the movie even once? Here are five reasons why you must watch the Lego movie.

1. It Is Fun To Watch

Be it the character or the humor, the movie is pure fun when it plays on the screen. Be it Jock or the Wild Style, there are many such stereotypical characters in the movie who initially give a glimpse of their stereotypical nature. However, with passage of time, they break their stereotypical barriers and reveal to world their true nature. This gives the viewers a lesson on how judgmental our thoughts can be in this world. This is one of the ways in which director has assimilated fun with some life lesson. Apart from the characters, the humor and dialogues in the movie stand out. The humor of the movie is not only attributed to the funny dialogues of the characters but also to the funny gestures that the characters exhibit. The animation team has done a great work by exhibiting the gestures so well as all the characters are made up of Legos. Not only this, the jokes and humors used in the movie are suitable for people of all ages. The jokes are basically such that even small children can see the humor hidden behind them and laugh on them. The twist in different parts of the tale, especially the twist in the end assures the film keeps you on your toes throughout the screenplay. Add to that the moral of the movie and it will be more than full house. So, when we put all these things together, we get a film which is fun to watch even after watching it multiple times. So, next time people talk about the movie, make sure you are not stranger to what they are talking about.

2. Gives A Lesson On Team Work

There are innumerable scenes in the movie which highlight the importance of teamwork in life, just like the Lego Ways itself portrays. The game has been teaching a generation of children how the teamwork can make their task easier. The film has also followed the logic and teaches children to cooperate and help each other when the situation demands. It is definitely a value every parent would want his child to possess.

3. Gives Kid A Lesson On Finding Their Specialty

An important part of the movie revolves around finding the specialty of any person. On top of that, the film shows how being special feels. This lesson from the film is quite influential and would make every child think that he or she must have a specialty. Apart from this, the film will encourage the child to find his special features, which will definitely be of great help once he or she grows up. Find specialty at tender age is certainly something which will help the child get a long way.

lego movie
4. Features Superman And Batman

Superman and Batman are definitely two of the most popular superheroes across the globe. A film featuring these two superheroes is definitely expected to be popular among both children and adults. There are parts in the movie where these two superheroes feature, thus increasing our curiosity to learn.

5. Shows The Evolution Of Lego

The Lego dates back to very old times and the game have evolved a lot since the time of inception. The film shows glimpses of the evolution of the game. Apart from this, the film has various characters which the children would like to make using their Legos. The Lego Movie is one of the rare animation movies that ticks all the boxes and assures you that the entertainment you get is more than the money you pay for it. The entertainment value along with moral and different life lessons associated with the movie assure that you will love the movie. So, I hope the reasons given above are enough to justify why you should watch the movie.

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A Movie Recommendation For Drama Fans — “Wine Tasting”



A Movie Recommendation For Drama Fans — “Wine Tasting”
Wine Tasting is now on Amazon and Kinonation will soon place it on other VOD platforms. Wine Tasting was accepted into several film festivals, including Finisterra Arrabida of Portugal, Premios Latinos, Evolution, Mallorca, and LA San Rafael of Spain, and Beverly Hills Film Festival, International Wine Film Festival, and Sunscreen Film Festival West in the United States. Wine Tasting is a winner at Finisterra Arrabida and Premios Latinos.winner film festival Wine TastingWine Tasting-written and executive produced by Justin Samuels, produced by Anjanette Miller and directed by Josh Mitchell has been released on VOD. The film stars Josh Mitchell, Josh Thrower, Jesse O’Neil, Yvette Gregory, Vanja Kapetanovic, and Jenae Alt.Wine Tasting follows the lives of four men who are professional wine tasters. They sacrifice considerable sums of money and time in order to pass the sommelier exam. Their relationship is tested when one out of the four guys doesn’t pass – leading to a series of scandalous repercussions.

The film is free for those on Amazon Prime. Check out the film’s Facebook, Trailer, and IMDb profiles. Its Director has been interviewed on Wine Tasting by Harlem World, Cinemaddicts, Search My Trash, and La Libertad. Actress Yvette Gregory has been interviewed about Wine Tasting by the Huffington Post and International  Film Review.

Writer/Producer Justin Samuels was born in Elmhurst, NY. He went to Cornell University, where he graduated with a BA in history. Justin eventually started writing screenplays. He taught ESL for awhile. He then attended Columbia University, where he got a MA in English Education.

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48 Film Project Announce 2016 Festival Winners



48 Film Project Announce 2016 Festival Winners

Executive Producer and 48FILM co-founder Chris Siametis with European famous stylists Stephania and Ioannis Angelopoulos, and Royal family members Prince Waldemar and Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe.

The winners of the 2016 48FILM Project International short film competition are from around the world, with UK’s CHOKE capturing three of the top awards including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Cinematography.

The 48FILM Project (, a leading online short film competition, has created one of the largest Grand Prizes in the genre’s history – a $100,000 production budget to film a feature film. The festival producers will be awarding the collective of 2016 winners (Best in each category) with a production budget of $100,000 to make a feature film that will commence shooting this summer in Greece.

“We have seen a new level of excellence this year that is a testament to the unsung skilled artists around the world. Our winners are a diverse cultural community and we are looking forward to seeing how their talent translates into feature filmmaking,” said Executive Producer, Chris Siametis. “The 48FILM Project was created to provide a unique and powerful platform for creatives to showcase their work – while the Grand Prize was initiated to take that skill set to a new, commercially viable level.”

United Kingdom captured the top awards with CHOKE (London, UK) receiving three recognitions including Best Film, Best Director for Nancy Paton, and Best Cinematography for Liam Iandoli. While VICTOIRE (France) nabbed Best Music Original Score for Matthew Morgan, and an Actress Award in a Supporting role for Julia Robert. USA’s MORNINGWOOD won Best Writing Award for original script. Gergana D. Angelova won the Best Film Editing Award for INSIGHT (BULGARIA). Canadian actor Oliver Price won Best Actor Award in a leading role for THE WANDERER (CANADA) and Tyler Derench won a Best Supporting Actor Award for A NIGHT AT CAGNEY’S (USA). Shannon Beeby won a Best Actress Award for APPLES (USA) and The People’s Choice Award was given to THE NURSARY (USA).

Full list of 48FILM Project Winners is as follows:


Official Selection 48FILM Project 2016 (In alphabetical order):


“Whether novice, professional or veterans – all 48Film Project submissions are judged equally and presented to a large pool of industry veterans,” said Francesco Vitali, 48FILM Project Executive Producer. “Over the years our winners have taught us new levels of ingenuity and shown us true creativity, which is why we encourage everyone to view the winning entries: you may find your next amazing collaborators amongst our entries.”


The 48FILM Festival is open to everyone: beginner to professional, from all nations. The competition opens in January and closes late November. Once registered, a competing team selects a genre and when to start the clock. 48FILM Project provides three elements that are required to be included: a character, a line, and a prop. Filmmakers then have 48 hours to create a short film in English or with English subtitles that is four to seven minutes in length and upload it to

With entries from more than 130 countries of the world, the festival attracted some of the industry’s top decision makers for its 2016 Jury, including:

Scott Adler (award-winning producer “The Taking of Deborah Logan”, “The Vault”), Ryan Carnes (award-winning actor and producer, known for “Letters from Iwo Jima”, directed by Clint Eastwood, “Doctor Who” and “Desperate Housewives”), Alex Cutler (Producer of Henry Barrial’s award-winning feature “PIG”, “Don Peyote” with Anne Hathaway,and “UNTOGETHER” starring Ben Mendelsohn, Jamie Dornan.), Luke Daniels (award-winning producer of a string of Hollywood hits include “Yoga Hosers”, “Outlaws and Angels”, “Punching Henry”, and “The Tiger Hunter”), Brandon K. Hogan (Producer for “Half Past Dead”, “The Three Little Stooges”, was also granted additional thanks for his contribution to “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Michael Hothorn (award-winning casting director and producer known for “Mr & Mrs Smith”, “Minority Report”, and “Planet of The Apes”), Joey Paul Jensen (casting director of “The Three Little Stooges” and “Beautifully Broken”, Francesco Vitali (director of “Gates of Hades”, as well as Co-Founder of the 48FILM Festival.

The festival is made possible by the generous support of leading sponsors including UVO, MAGIX, VEGAS PRO Creative Software, and ANGELOPOULOS HAIR COMPANY.

For more information, please visit the official site here –


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