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Wickid Pissa Films Announces 2016 AFM Film Slate



Wickid Pissa Films Announces 2016 AFM Film Slate
Wickid Pissa Films
has unveiled its slate of projects they will be pitching at the 2016 AFM in Santa Monica this week. They will be meeting with buyers and investors to produce these original screenplays and bring them to distributors and festivals across the globe in 2017.


The story centers on the life of Julian Toula, a Greek mobster from Hollywood and the second leader of the infamous Juicy Jive Gang. He was the right-hand man to Jimmy “Juicy” McNeil, the originator of the gang, and took over the rackets when Juicy was killed during the Hollywood Gang Wars. It was Los Angeles in the late 1960’s — the darkest of days for rivaling gangs — a time when news of frequent killings on the streets became more popular reading than the sports page. A time when law enforcement passively stood by and allowed feuding gang members to meet their untimely demise amidst the brutal violence they gratuitously bestowed on each other.


Keith Haring’s talent was first recognized on subway platforms, where his trademark chalk-drawn figures could be seen for the price of a token. It was New York, mid-’70s, the tissue of the cultural fabric was shredded by tumultuous shifts in sentiment and sexuality. The fizzle of hippiedom had made way for the punk-rock generation with its fiery rebuking of the system. Haring completed thousands of public works and his subway drawings, murals, sculptures and paintings became synonymous worldwide, as had his artistic friendships with Madonna, Basquiat, William Burroughs and Andy Warhol.


This trilogy is big-budget, highly commercial, international in both scope and flavor, and has the blockbuster and tentpole potential to become a major hit with a stand-out lead character perfect for licensing. Set in the mid-1960’s, the “Absolutely Smashing” trilogy revolves around Darla Chandler, a British female pop singer who also works as a secret agent for S.M.A.S.H. (Strategic Measures Against Soviet Hegemony), a clandestine UK intelligence service. A young woman who leads two completely different lives — one highly public, the other highly secret — and who manages to deal with the complications of each and maintain this dual existence with cool British style, wit, and self-confidence.


A mysterious man and his odd butler show up in the remote town of Frumsville with aspirations of becoming its mayor but when he meets the current female elected official and her supporters things become anything but normal.


A twisted and cerebral belle uses her sexuality and profound psychobabble to lure two young college boys into wild experience trips. As she manipulates them into performing unforgettable and bizarre acts of suffering, her erratic means of observing their behavior gets out of control and everyone involved is forced to deal with the disastrous consequences.

Check out the Wickid Pissa Films titles available on Vimeo Demand:

“Helen Keller Had A Pit Bull”


“Desert Drive”

“Frank Flutie”

For meetings and inquiries at AFM 2016:
Josh Mitchell
Wickid Pissa Films

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