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Will Sparks Stamps A Big Room Direction With “My Company”



The comeback of double-platinum EDM producer Will Sparks is far from over. His latest single, “My Company, further solidifies the Australia born-and-bred musician as a modern House artist. “My Company” is out today via Musical Freedom.

During a year spent in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, Will Sparks got to work in the studio honing his craft, pushing his limits, and expanding his musical style. The “Melbourne Bounce” pioneer who forever shaped the global electronic dance music scene is once again entering the arena with a reimagined, invigorating sound that pays homage to his past while offering a fresh sound to the world of modern dance music.

Will Sparks

“I’m dedicating this one to my roots. This is what Melbourne music is all about,” said Will Sparks.

“My Company” is brimming with the same hard and aggressive beats that Will Sparks fans know and love, packaged into a four-minute track that’s impossible to ignore. The song’s thunderous bass and deep male vocals create the perfect soundtrack for the artist’s heroic comeback amid the pandemic as a modern House artist who has his sights set on playing the world’s biggest stages once again.

Plenty of the old Will Sparks still shines through in “My Company,” which flawlessly puts a fresh spin on his previous work.

The latest track shows that Will Sparks committed to moving at a swift pace to get back to touring, releasing more amazing music, and furthering his legacy in the global EDM scene. In July, Will Sparks released his much-anticipated four-track EP, “Nothing Less, Nothing More.” Fans were pleased to see that Will Sparks was still busy at work creating music – this time embracing a harder side to Techno music. As Will Sparks keeps the momentum going, fans can expect to see many more exciting projects and heart-pounding music.



By Erick Ycaza

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