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The Wonderful George Michael Incursion Into Electronic Dance Music



The Wonderful George Michael Incursion Into Electronic Dance Music
George Michael
was not only a Pop icon, he also had an incursion into electronic dance music. Honestly, I began to like his music in the 2000s and I thought in the upcoming years he was supposed to continue his career with a new trendy album, but sadly he is no longer with us. The purpose of this article is to make clear that he secretly loved club music and there are two specific songs that were a hit in the dance music charts that you probably don’t remember…

His first attempt into electronic dance music was “Flawless (Go To The City)”, released in 2004. In those times, the use of the vocoder effect was the secret formula to make your song sound cool. Some time later, vocoders were highly criticized in music. Well, I think this is a futuristic dance song due to the robotic voice of George Michael and it’s also a truly timeless tune.

Next, I remember he continues with the electronic music genre with a song called “White Light” and produced in 2012. This one could be described as Electro Pop than dance music. “White Light” was inspired by Michael’s illness in late 2011 with pneumonia and somehow you can see how he recreates his tragic experience in the video below.

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