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Is It Worth Going To Coco Bongo Cancun?



Coco Bongo Cancun
A few weeks ago, I decided to go on a 7-day trip to Cancun, Mexico. Intrigued by the glowing turquoise waters and the white sandy beaches, I discovered this place also offers a varied nightlife. While googling tours, Coco Bongo Cancun showed up on the first page as the best club in the Caribbean resort city.

Expedia Tickets: My Experience

So, I booked my ticket via Expedia ($85 USD.) thinking I would skip the line, however, this never happened. If you really want to get into the club fast, then you will have to purchase the Gold Member Admission, which is a bit pricey. Anyway, the entrance line isn’t too long on Sundays, so it is not a big problem.

CocoBongo Cancun
The first thing I noticed is that people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the Coco Bongo experience. Moreover, you’ll feel safe as there’s a high level of security. A small bar includes domestic spirits and beers for free in case you want to get wasted, but I suggest never doing that because you’ll miss the great show.

Theatrical Club Experience, Beyond the Ordinary

Initially, as a solo traveler, I felt a bit shy to enter this huge discotheque but the crowded atmosphere and the joyful energy gave me the confidence to dance on my own. Trust me, this is more than a regular club, it feels almost like a theatre where a series of acrobatic acts and classic music hits merge into one. In addition, comedy is complemented by the multiple shows you’ll see over there.

Talented imitators of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury lead the audience in sing-alongs. By the end of these fantastic performances, balloons, and confetti flood the dance floor. In any case, the fiesta continues with a female DJ who plays the latest party songs you are used to listening to on Electro Wow.

Cancun Coco Bongo

Of course, it is worth going to Coco Bongo Cancun. Just take in mind the open bar ends at 3:30 AM, otherwise, I believe they will charge you an extra fee. Taxis and buses are available at late hours every single day. Likewise, people don’t need to worry about the dress code. You can either wear a stylish or casual outfit as you want.

By Erick Ycaza

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