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WTF Kanye West Makes His DJ Debut



Let’s start 2012 with some apocalyptic news, Hip Hop rapper Kanye West debuted last night as a DJ in Las Vegas. He chose the ridiculous DJ name of Yeezy World Peace, and he’s planning to become the next David Guetta of commercial dance music lol. We can’t judge how good or bad were his DJ skills, but according to some reports he played rap music on turntables instead of digital CDJs.
I believe Kanye West’s new DJ career isn’t going to be receiving any kind of support from the established DJs of the electronic music industry. We won´t forget his disrespectful attitude with Partizan’s Jeremie Rozan & Ed Banger’s So Me at the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards; and worst of all is that the entire world knows he got an ego problem.

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