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XJ Jack Debuts New Album ‘Scorpion’ [ALBUM REVIEW]



xj jack
Electronic music producer XJ Jack has released a new album entitled ‘Scorpion’, which is a perfect example of his versatility and also of what he does best: electronic jams with a twist of alternative Pop music. The artist uploaded via SoundCloud a 30 second album sampler, and I’m making a review based on these tunes.

1 . House of Spirits Within the first 15 seconds of XJ Jack’s new album starting, “House of Spirits” takes you to the unknown dimension with spooky sounds and electronic beats.

2. Chrome River This tune is suggestively sexy without being explicit!

3. Born Electric Very catchy tune, it reminds me of the New Wave era music period with a touch of modernity.

4. Scorpions In My Pocket This could be a radio-friendly track to new potential listeners.

5. WEAPON! Get ready to experience rave sounds, here the beats go so hard, you’ll love it!

6. Mainstream Dogs  An uplifiting song, I don’t know why it reminds me of a Western film…

7. In The Dark This tune starts off slow and then builds up to an uptempo dance record.

8. Lucid Dreaming I like the dark/dramatic atmosphere of this song, and also the synthesizers in general.

9. Acid Symphony A slow jam, the vocals are calm and relaxing in my opinion.

10. Melancholia Pleasant vocal delivery, the singer made a great job here!

11. Ink It has some RnB influence without loosing the spacey and electronic style of XJ Jack.

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