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Young Pianist Amartya Paul Amazes With “Pulse Of The Heroes”



Straight from the world of talented young artists, Amartya Paul is back to blow your mind with his instrumental creation, “Pulse Of The Heroes. Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about this piece? Well, there’s a lot to unveil…

“Pulse Of The Heroes” is not your typical piano composition. It’s a contemporary classic masterpiece that draws inspiration from the fantastic world of superheroes and supervillains. And if that doesn’t pique your interest, wait until you see the animated video that accompanies it. Trust me, it’s a visual treat!

But the awesomeness can’t stop there. In fact, the orchestration of this brilliant piece is the brainchild of the incredibly talented Camden Boyle. So, you can expect nothing less than high-quality tones.

When he set out to compose “Pulse Of The Heroes,” he initially had a vision of a melody that was fast and exhilarating. It evolved into a piece that could easily fit into the realm of iconic composers like John Williams or Hans Zimmer. It’s epic!


Interestingly, despite his young age, Amartya Paul’s piano skills will leave you utterly surprised. The way he maneuvers those keys is really magical. Moreover, “Pulse Of The Heroes” sounds like it could be the instrumental theme for a blockbuster movie.

But what makes Amartya Paul’s music even more intriguing is his unique approach. He delivers melodies based on his imaginative stories, and each melody flawlessly complements the plot.

You’ll find yourself immersed in tales like “Princess Ava,” “Princess Whitney,” “Giant’s Revenge, and “Giant’s Capture.” And guess what? There are more pieces to come in this exciting series. Keep an eye out for “King Herran,” which is set to drop, possibly at the end of October.

Behind the scenes, he has some incredible support. Kia Portafekas, a Grammy grant recipient, has been his composition teacher for years, nurturing his creative talent. On the other hand, Peter Cai works with Amartya at the studio to produce those initial piano sounds that set the stage for greatness.

And then there’s Bill Kilpatrick, who sometimes steps in to orchestrate these gems while ensuring that the piano sounds align perfectly with the whole concept.

Stay tuned for the next amazing releases below.



By Erick Ycaza

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