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Youtube Sensation DJ BL3ND



 DJ BL3ND is as famous as David Guetta thanks to Youtube, where he is a real sensation among the lovers of Electro music. I would say that most of his uploaded videos on his Youtube channel got more than one million views, and they´re full of positive ratings.  DJ BL3ND´s true identity is still unknown, and when he is mixing his music, he always hides his face with a chuckie mask lol. The best thing of these popular videos is his crazy dancing style, and of course the music he selects to mix. 
 All we know about him is that he started mixing at the age of 15 while he was at school, and later he became a Mobile DJ. His favorite DJs are Afrojack, Chuckie, Swedish House Mafia and The Bloody Beetroots.  This talented guy is originally from Los Angeles, and the main reason why he decided to make his videos on Youtube is because he couldn´t find a job as  a resident DJ in a club. Today his luck has changed, everybody seems to love his original mixing style; There´s no doubt that he is a great influence for guys like us who love the DJing culture.
Please check out DJ BL3ND  Youtube channel here:

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