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Zenlee’s ‘Just Poetry’: Track-By-Track Album Review



Believe it or not, Rap is a form of poetry. In both cases, there’s a particular attention to diction, which rhymes are derived. That said, Zenlee, an Ontario-based rapper doesn’t forget about literary devices during the production process of his debut album. Compromised of 15 tracks, I truly think this Hip-Hop material was given the appropriate title as ‘Just Poetry’. In short, he touches on intimate aspects with a lot of intensity as he portrays his own life events through the verses and emotions. His mission is to encourage listeners to believe in themselves. Below you can read my thoughts about his work, an exclusive track-by-track review.

1 – Street Rep (Intro) From the start of this intro, there’s a catchy hook. So far, the best part must be the delightful rhyming words.

2 – Hostages Of Tha Nation It continues along the same beats as the intro. Analysing the lyrics in greater detail, we find he converts his Rap into a protest song that blames the destruction of a nation due to wars. Clearly, there’s a desperate need for peace and unity in this world, and I agree 100% with his views.

3 – Believe It This one features the beautiful female vocals of Lucy Grace, bringing a soothing balance with the lyrical wordplay. Somehow, it feels like an honest conversation, if you get through hard times, there’s nothing better to believe in yourself in order to move forward.

4 – Tha Life I Choose Within less than a second of experiencing this tune, there’s a pretty nice piano-driven melody that serves as the background of his stylistic rapping. Overall, he reflects about mistakes from the past and talks about the sense of love.

5 – One Million Years You’ll be surprised to know it’s very electronic oriented in comparison with the rest of the tracks of this album. At the same time, you will notice a fast-paced vocalization like never before.

6 – Xcuses Definitely, the chorus is hypnotic and I can’t get it out of my mind… “Your excuses, your excuses, they drive me up the wall”. At the end of the day, excuses are lies wrapped up in reasons.

7 – Goddess Of My Dreamz Literally, here we have a poetry about the sexy woman of our dreams, with which many men fantasize daily.

8 – All Natural Booty Zenlee expresses his preferences for women with natural beauty, but he also incites men to choose the right woman and wife. The best line… “Your natural beauty never gets old”.

9 – Toronto Dreamz Toronto is a city of a million Dreamers. In case you didn’t know, Zenlee was born in a UN refugee camp during the 80s, and since moving to Canada he is proud of this nation. He dedicates this song to the city that keeps his ambitions alive.

10 – Stix N Stonez I would summarize this tune in one single phrase: Explicit rhymes flexing charismatically over a strong electronic beat. Beyond that, the aggressive Rap delivery is compelling. The song derives from the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

11 – The Gate Of Eddystone Again, the explicit lyrics duplicate, but you can also expect more melodic phrasing, showcasing his confidence. If I’m not wrong, I think this song is a self-proclamation of being authentic and real.

12 – No Love (Freestyle) The music background reminds me of old-school video games. Besides that, it’s a collaborative tune with Chindalier. As a result, we have a triumphant new freestyle that is in good shape with gutsy raps.

13 – World War 3 He leaves no room for interpretation, with lines like, “Fuck you bitch, where’s my fuckin’ money bitch”. In other words, the rapper will bring a World War 3 to your life if you owe him money. Be warned!

14 – The Battle Beginz  This time, Zenlee join forces with Don Bun King, and despite verses denote a courageous and fearless personality, the dark instrumental is kinda slow. The song talks about a battle against one’s enemy. You can decipher its message for yourself.

15 – Late Nite (Outro) In a pretty short tune he adds the talent of Soca for the grand finale. In my opinion, the outro could have been longer in verses, however, I have no complaints as the whole album proves he’s an artist who is not scared to tell things as they are, while sharing his life without complexes.



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