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10 Mangalsutra Ideas For Wedding Seasons



10 Mangalsutra Ideas For Wedding Seasons
Mangalsutra is the most prized possession for any married Indian woman. A mangalsutra is much more than just a chain or sacred thread; it binds the two of you into a sacred relationship of a lifetime. These days we find so many varieties of mangalsutras in the shop that choosing the ideal one can definitely be a confusing task. So, check out our recommendations to select your perfect mangalsutra!

1. Simply classic gold mangalsutra!

“Old is gold!” The simple classic mangalsutra made of tiny black beads and gold pendant is a perfect blend of tradition and style. When we say traditional gold mangalsutra design, it need not be plain and boring, go ahead and choose your style — experiment with different stones, and customisation in the design patterns.

2. Elegance personified!

Well, girls just love diamonds and solitaires, so why not go for a solitaire mangalsutra? A mangalsutra with just one solitaire resting in the centre looks classic, elegant and fashionable. It’s perfect for someone who likes light jewellery and something that can be worn daily.

Mangalsutra3. Say yes with a diamond mangalsutra!

Go for uniquely designed diamond mangalsutras or your own customisation! For instance, actress Sonam Kapoor, who recently got married had customised her diamond mangalsutra with the zodiac sign of the both of them. It’s just an idea you can go for something that truly depicts your relationship or bond!

4. Get quirky with peacock motif pendants!

Mangalsutra with pretty peacock motif pendant looks traditional and stylish! The peacock motif looks delicate and feminine and adds on to the charm of the mangalsutra! You can match it with a pair of peacock pattern earrings and bracelets during special occasions!

peacock pendant5. Beaded mangalsutra!

Beaded mangalsutras are not very common these days. You may opt for simple and elegant beaded gold or diamond mangalsutras. The beads can be in different colours, precious stones or simply diamond-studded beads or gold beads! It looks quite trendy and unique!

6. Floral and fern petals mangalsutra!

Florals and delicate ferns are simply the best when it comes to jewellery, so why not go for a floral or fern mangalsutra? Mangalsutra with floral pendant look simply exquisite. It can be diamond-studded florals or embossed gold florals! You may also go for fern pendant or a combination of both floral and fern pendant!

floral mangalsutra7. Stylish bracelet mangalsutra!

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Bracelet mangalsutra is gaining much popularity amongst the young brides these days! A ring and bracelet mangalsutra combo also looks stylish. It’s easy to carry than complicated jewellery.

8. Traditional Mangalsutra!

It’s true that people prefer to invest in the light and fashionable jewellery these days be it wedding ornaments or mangalsutras, but we say that the charm of the traditional heavy mangalsutra still remains unparallel! It’s once in a lifetime affair, so you may choose something with a heavy locket with Meenakari work, or something similar!

9. Long mangalsutra!

If you prefer long chains over shorter ones then go for a long-chained mangalsutra. It’s much more comfortable to carry, and you can also remove it easily in case you don’t wish to wear it.

10. Mangalsutra with hearts!

There is nothing prettier than a cute mangalsutra with hearts! You can go for heat shaped pendants, tiny heart charms all around or an entwined heart in the centre, it all looks adorable!

Go ahead and choose one of these designs for your special day to make it all the more momentous!

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