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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Angus Casarro



10 Things You Didn't Know About Angus Casarro
DJ/Producer Angus Casarro was born in France in a little town located in the south region. He has always been interested in the international music scene. During his childhood he spent days searching on the web new tunes that were never heard before in his hometown. During these years, he got inspired by new music trends and began to produce his own tracks at the age of 21. Today he’s 29 years old, and is a professional musician who works with a team of singers and sound engineers to make possible the release of his debut album which will be launched in summer 2017. Discover more below!

1 – Is your family musical?

Of course they enjoy a lot listing to music but I’m the only one in my family that produces music. I’ve jumped into the musical thing with my sister and we discovered everything together.

2 – When and where did you learn to produce music?

I’ve concretely learned to produce music at 21 when I was able to get all the necessary stuff to do it! I’ve began to produce at home and it was pretty exciting to me because I wished during so many years to create my own compositions.

3 – Which famous DJs do you admire?

I think the list would be too long! So I’m going to tell three of them that influenced me a lot “Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso” “Gabriel & Dresden” and “Paul van Dyk”.

4 – What are your views on the current Trance music scene in France?

 I think Trance music in France needs to be a lot more exposed unfortunately it is not well known here.

5 – How have fans responded to your latest single “Dancing Fire”?

 I think it was pretty well, I had a lot of great returns from them, can’t wait to shoot the music video.

6 – How many tracks will you include in your debut album? What’s its name and style?

I think between 13 to 14 songs will be in the album, it will be influenced by many genre from Trance to Progressive House and Deep House. Until now, I don’t know what will be the name of the album.

7 – Have you collaborated with other artists for this album? When it will be released?

Oh yes I’ve collaborated with many singers and sound engineers, this is what I like the most to create with other artists. Actually, I plan to release my first album during mid 2017.

8 – We know that you also write lyrics. Are these songs inspired by personal stories?

Yes they are, but some are also inspired by people’s experiences around me.

9 – What’s your favorite time to produce and write music?

It comes anytime, I have no preferences It is a very unpredictable thing.

10 – How do you balance your music career with other obligations?

It’s not an easy task it requires a great sense of organization that is not really the synonym of creativity.



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