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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blue Magic Records



10 Things You Didn't Know About Blue Magic Records

I had the honor of interviewing Aastik Koshy, who is the main figure behind Blue Magic Records.  It’s practically a new label that will soon release interesting material this year. If you’re a producer or a music enthusiast of Electronica, Ambient and other unconventional genres, then I suggest you read the full interview in order to gain a thorough understanding of Aastik’s innovative project.

1 – Is there something fascinating about Blue Magic Records that people may not know yet?

Blue Magic Records© is a part of‘ Turquoise Sound Pvt Ltd (TSC)’ founded by Aastik Koshy, producer, composer, and sound design artist. TSC was set up in 2015 to produce his numerous music creations and collaborations to be curated and released in a structured way. The company is based in North Goa, India with office and studio on a water-front organic farm.

2 – How and when did this label start?

This label started out of a necessity to create a new stream of musical consciousness and an outlet for music of a certain aesthetic quality. We believe in linking musical ideologies with ease of curation and access, as well as a definitive and sturdy platform to facilitate musical innovation. This happened in early 2017.

3 – What is the mission of the label?

BMR is here to put out interesting and new sounds, offbeat collaborations, as well as a platform for musicians with an individualistic vibe. We at BMR want the magic of sound to serve as a vehicle of collective peace, upliftment, and healing.

4 – What is the most challenging thing about running your own label?

One of the challenges faced would be marketing to the right niche. When the moment is right, things click into place and that’s the way it’s worked out for BMR so far. It’s been a great run since the inception of the label, and moving ahead is our focus.  Finding the perfect group of people to work with who share the same passion and intensity is a big challenge too. Automation of this process with minimum manpower in administration is our solution.

Aastik Koshy

Aastik Koshy Turquoise Sound Pvt Ltd/Blue Magic Records ©

5 – How can artists submit their music? What are you looking for in an artist that wants to join Blue Magic Records?

At present, we accept demos by email (through the website). Some artists also come recommended through label members and mutual acquaintances. A few to look out for in the first few label releases are – Internal Eye (A Garden Of Stars), smooth lush downtempo and emotive-chill music. Inhabited Stars – (Journey I-VII), a collective formed by BMR with AshkaFlutes, V3k and Freakuency featured in the first release. BMR does not intend to be a closed group in any way and a submission hub will soon be available.

6 – What’s the latest release of Blue Magic Records? Where can we download it?

BMR is featuring the first set of releases between Jul 15 and Aug 15. Some of the releases to look out for are:

INTERNALEYE (Rohit Bushan), his music is a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, lush, ambient textures and new-age grooves. His new album on BMR titled ‘Garden Of Stars’ is an eclectic journey through emotionally charged chilled beats and lush dreamscapes.’Garden Of Stars’ is the perfect album for those lazy hazy evenings just as much as early mornings. This album is recorded at InternalEye SoundLab, Mumbai and Mastered by Turquoise Sound Pvt. Ltd.

INHABITED STARS – a BMR © music collective formed in 2017 by Aastik Koshy, features different artists with each release,  showcasing different forms of music.The first release is a mix of ambient bliss with heavy shifting dnb inspired electronica and touches of psychedelic influences. The first installment in the series named ‘Journey I-VII’ features collaborations with artists such as V3K, a genre bending artist responsible for some of the best combinations of ethnic music and electronica. Freakuency, an experimental sound designer who works on psychedelic projects apart from his avant-garde creations is another artist to look out for. Frequent collaborator and music advisor AshkaFlutes is a part of the project and brings touches of ethereal flute to the mix in the first track.

Recorded at Turquoise Studio A (Ch Island) North, Goa/Glitch Studio (Blr)/Freakuency Lab (Kodai) and Mastered by Turquoise Sound Pvt.Ltd

ANTIGRAVITY – A journey through experimental designs in the ambient realm with touches of psychedelic chill and space music. The album was conceptualized and produced over a period of late night sessions in Turquoise Studio A (Ch Island) North, Goa by Aastik Koshy to bring an eccentric taste in structure and synthesis, with use of mainly a few analog synths and thick textures. This album is a journey into space and matter.

Also coming soon are SEASON I – Aastik Koshy- & AFTER HOURS (Various Artists)

These albums will be available across all major online stores soon.

7 – What are the services the label offer?

BMR offers a platform to express highly individualistic musical ideologies and expressional music for release of the artist and his work. Everything else is second nature and a part of the process of the label, such as artwork, cataloging, and curation. BMR is totally self-sufficient and a smooth experience for any artist who we merge with.

8 – Are you in direct competition with other underground music labels in your homeland?

BMR has carved a niche for itself. We are exclusive and immensely creative. Our collaborations are global and we don’t see a competitor in our styles. BMR is one of a kind project and first of its kind, based in Goa.

9 – Is the label active on social media? If yes please share the links with us!

We’re active on Facebook and YouTube.

10 – What are your future plans for the rest of the year?

Steady progress is vital. We will continue to bring our audience new music, fresh energy, and positivity. A special thank you to the musical advisors, producers, staff, friends and everyone else that supports our work and vision!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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