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10 Things You Didn’t Know About HR Sparta (Rey Sparta)



10 Things You Didn't Know About HR Sparta
It’s always a satisfying experience to interview up-and-coming artists because it let us to recognize the strengths of their personality. Well, my conversation with HR Sparta aka Rey Sparta was totally amusing, as he revealed personal details of his life you probably didn’t know before. Discover everything now!

1 – When did you start your music career?

I’ve been writing poems and music since I was 17, but I never took myself seriously until about 5 years ago after my son was born. That’s when I started it as a career.

2 – Do you remember the first CD you bought at a music store? Was it a Hip-Hop album?

Man the first CD I bought was actually through my mom lol. I begged her to buy me the Marshal Matthers LP lol.

3 – Do you think the music industry can survive the streaming revolution? Do you share your tracks for free?

I think the music industry will be fine with the streaming revolution. Every music age has it’s time and technology, and it seems streaming is definitely the current state of music. I share my music for free as well. I feel it at least gives people a chance to listen to the music organically instead of just worrying about selling the product just for money.

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4 – What Hip-Hop artists do you like and dislike in this world?

Hip-Hop artists I like? Hmmm so many lol. But mainly Eminem, Nas, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Travis Scott to name a few. Dislike? Lol, I honestly don’t dislike any. I feel music has become such a vast variety of sounds that everyone has a lane for their own stuff.

5 – What inspired you to create the new single “Power Pull Up”?

I heard the beat and I was like “man I just want to pull up with the power!” Lol. I like writing self-introspective type stuff, and I just thought the beat had a nice uplifting tune to it.

6 – Where did you film the music video for “Power Pull Up”? Was it a fun experience?

I shot the music video by a place people over here know as John Young Commerce area and by the Orlando Eye. It was an awesome experience! My brother Zachary Maxwell is a beast with the lens, so he and his team created a nice visual for the tune man.

7 – How do you boost your creativity and improve your rap skills?

I like listening to all forms of music, so I dip my hand into all types of different sounds for inspiration. I improve my raps by challenging myself to be “not so predictable”. Relatable yet lyrical with perspective is what I try to be.

8 – How long did it take you to grow your hair out? Thinking of donating your hair for a good cause?

Man, it’s been almost 11 years lol. I get called “The Weeknd” all the time even though I’ve had this pineapple head for a while lol. Man when the universe says it’s time to let it go aka when I go bald lol, then I’ll definitely donate it. Would be cool to see my hair as a wig lol.

10 Things You Didn't Know About HR Sparta

9 – In general, what characterize your music style?

Man… my music is mostly like an emotional roller coaster that takes the listener on a nice trippy ride lol. “Power Pull Up” is the more “commercial” angle of my music, but there is so much more of my self-expresion to come.

10 – Are you looking to get signed by a big record label, or you prefer to be an independent artist? Are there more advantages than disadvantages?

I just want to be heard all across the galaxy, and spread my music all across the world lol. Whichever platform can deliver this, is the platform I’m willing to take. I’ve heard of bad major label deals, but I would love to be a part of a major label or independent establishment that can take my career to the highest level.



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