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11 Must-Listen Electronica Tracks From Forest Robots’ Long-Awaited Third Album



11 Must-Listen Electronica Tracks From Forest Robots' Long-Awaited Third Album
Forest Robots
returns with his third studio album, ‘Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky’. As a conceptual piece, this fresh record is an ode to autumn. In fact, it is correlated with his previous works which were inspired by spring and summer. Overall, the motivation behind this music project are elements of nature and its own interpretation. While it is true there are no lyrics nor vocals to analyze, instrumentals can be powerfully emotive too. The magic of synths gives this album a dreamy, delicate, chilled and even futuristic tone. Not for nothing, all these 11 must-listen Electronica tracks can actually induce you to meditative states.

Under the premise, innovate or die, the American artist has chosen the right path. That being said, he has dropped a short film in order to provide a new dimension to the album’s listening experience. What’s more, his cinematic sonic arrangements captivate the senses as usual. In my opinion, the third album strengthens his credibility amongst other Producers who can’t think outside the box as Forrest Robots does. Watch the full clip via YouTube below.



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