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4 Rules For Embarrassment-Free Dancing



4 Rules For Embarrassment-Free Dancing
1.- Ignore Everyone Else

If people are staring, then you’re putting out that vibe,” says Twitch. “There’s no difference between ‘Look at me’ and ‘Don’t look at me.’ It’s the same body language, the same nervous energy.

2.- Don’t Overthink This

I practice in front of a mirror because every angle counts, right down to the fingertips. If you look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh my god, that’s what I look like?’ you’ve sabotaged yourself into never dancing again.

3.- Pretend It’s Basketball

Men don’t look graceful playing pickup ball they get out there and sweat and jump all over the place and have fun. Next time you’re dancing and you feel awkward, just pretend you’re going for a layup.

4.- Embrace the Fist Pump

Some dad moves work. I’ve got nothing but love for the dad fist pump. You hear the song, you feel the song, and you’re fist-pumping. As long as you’re keeping that beat, you feel it. Let it happen.

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