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4 Smart Ways to Cut Smartphone Costs



4 Smart Ways to Cut Smartphone Costs
Owning a Smartphone is an important lifestyle requirement these days. However, often when we invest money in a Smartphone, it seems that the cost do not seems to stop rising there. You still need to keep paying for cellular data usage and download costs. You will be regularly charged for internet charges and downloading incurs a lot of additional fees. However, if you could only find a simple solution to this thing, it would help you a lot into saving money. Through this article you will find out 4 smart ways to cut your Smartphone costs.

  1. 1. Go for the Free Stuff

Many times you might just want that software version that is costing you a lot on your pocket. However, if you look around carefully online, chances are that you just might find out a free version of the same app or software that is device compatible as well. The same goes for free versions of games available online. Just because you want something so bad, it is not necessary that you go on paying for it. You can research a while on the internet for a free version that would help reduce your download charges to a minimum.

  1. 2. Downloading Some Voice Apps

The best way to cut down your calling and texting costs on your Smartphone is to find some specialized calling and texting apps. Free apps that will allow you to call and text without any cost are available online. Popular apps like Whatsapp that not only allows you to message, but make a call to the contact in your mobile. Another app can be Viber that is used by almost everyone. Now you need not worry about international calls as you are connected via Wi-Fi and your cost will significantly go down. Additionally your cellular data cost too will come down to minimum by using a Wi-Fi connection with the app. If in case your smartphone is not compatible with the app then it would be wise to put it here for the sale. Then purchase a new Smartphone that will help you download and use an app you like.

  1. 3. Reducing the Cellular Plan

Your cellular data plan might seem to be crunching a lot of money, especially ever since you have been using the internet a lot. This does not mean that you stop downloading or stay offline to reduce the costs. A better way is to reduce the cellular data plan cost. First you need to monitor your usage statistics on your Smartphone and then set a limit to it. You will need to downgrade the plan to limit your cellular data usage for reducing costs significantly.

  1. 4. Do not Purchase Insurance

It might seem a good idea to opt for cell phone insurance, but in the long run you might like to re-consider it. This goes for the $14 that goes out of your pocket every month in lieu of the policy purchased. These sure need to be left alone, as it is a dumb idea to purchase an insurance policy for something as fragile as a phone. It is better to set aside a significant amount every month for your phone that can be utilized for repairs in case the warranty runs out. Who knows by the end of the year you might just have enough cash to purchase a new phone.

The above mentioned tips, if applied correctly will help you reduce your Smartphone usage costs. You will be able to stay within a set budget range without burning any holes in your pocket.

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