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45trona Ut, ‘Funkspatial’ Track-By-Track Review



45trona Ut (pronounced “Astrona ut”) is a classically conservatory trained musician with a passion for Dance, Trance, Electronica and Funk. ‘Funkspatial’ is an album that combines elements of French-Touch Dance, House, Trance and Electronica made by DJ/producer 45trona UT. This party-heavy programmatic work centers on a journey through space and time.


45trona Ut, ‘Funkspatial’ Track-By-Track Review

‘Funkspatial’ can be described as French House & Electro music combined all in one single album. Fresh new talent 45trona Ut can do magic with his productions, he is not an unexperienced artist, he studied in a conservatory and today he applies all his knowledge to create proper electronic music. ‘Funkspatial’ offers a rich and powerful sound to us who attracts fans of Daft Punk and Tom Snare due to the similar structure of his songs.
Here’s a track-by-track review of this incredible album, you can preview some of the songs by clicking on its title.
1. Funkspatial The first track of the album got a funky distorted wobble bass effect, that introduces you to a galactic atmosphere for the next 48 minutes.
2. Exploration Station Repetitive synth sequences create the sweetest melody of the whole album. At the middle of the song I thought it was a modern composition by Beethoven because of the music background of 45trona Ut.
3. Aboard The Party Suttle This is another instrumental/electronic track which sounds like if there’s an active alarm that let you literally aboard the party suttle. Somehow, the name of this song makes sense. 
4. Let’s Get Funky A Daft Punk inspired track, will make a million people dance to this robotic & futuristic funkyesque song.
5. Let The Party Start Probably my favorite track of the album. This is an uplifting song with a strong progressive rhythm made for the dancefloors.
6. Stardust A chillout Electro/French House song, with a simple and beautiful melody.
7. Planet JSB As good as a science fiction movie, this track will let the imagination fly with its beautiful synth/piano melody. Very well structured, sounds perfect!
8. Gallop Another wonderful track that I like, it’s a little bit dark but the beat is definitely contagious!
9. Planet D’agro Dance song of the album, I imagine myself raising up my hands at a festival and trying to touch the sky. This song makes me feel good!
10. Hope I found unique sounds and creativity on this track, powerful beats and very loud!
11. Planet Sant’alessio The last track of the album and the third song that names an undiscovered planet. Your ears would love to explore this track that it’s more like a journey to new experiences.


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