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5 Things That Inspire Synthwave Artists You Probably Didn’t Know



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Synthwave, also known as modern Synth-Pop (Electro-Pop) is a style of electronic music heavily influenced by the sounds of the 1980s. This fresh cultural movement reached mainstream success in the 2010s. Moreover, its own visual style is characterized mainly by neon colors, a bright combination of magentas and purples.

There are other aesthetics elements like VHS effects, chrome, and gridlines that come into play on music videos and cover artworks. To tell the truth, Synthwave artists are rising in popularity. Discover 5 things that still inspire their imagination when it comes to creating new songs.


This movie released in 2011 by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn was the gateway for those who knew nothing of Synthwave’s emergence before. The entire film is so compelling as the score features synth-based music in order to awaken the viewer’s emotions.

2 – Signalnoise

James White aka Signalnoise is considered the godfather of the Synthwave aesthetic. Check out his online portfolio and you’ll get amused by his striking neon-infused art projects created for himself and for his clients.

3 – ‘Endless Summer’ Album

Dropped in 2016, ‘Endless Summer’ is the debut album of The Midnight, an Atlanta/Los Angeles-based duo. They encapsulate perfect retro vibes of the Synthwave genre while delivering 55 minutes of musical indulgence.

4 – Hotline Miami

Perhaps, this is one of the most stylish shooter video games influenced by DRIVE and featuring Synthwave music as part of the pulsating soundtrack. As a matter of fact, it helped to propel the careers of musicians like Perturbator and M|O|O|N.

5 – Kung Fury

A Comedy short film from 2015 that lasts only 30 minutes is still inspiring for Synthwave artists. Basically, it pays homage to martial arts and police vintage movies. Best of all, David Hasselhoff forms part of it. The famous actor interprets the main theme song, “True Survivor,” amassing over 43 million views on YouTube.

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