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5 Things That Music Therapy Can Help With



5 Things That Music Therapy Can Help With
Have you ever felt that the music itself gives you superpowers? Well, that might not be too far from the truth. In this article about music therapy, I will explain why this occurs, and the physiological responses the body goes through when facing certain types of music.


This can get complicated, but basically, when we listen to music that resonates with us, the brain produces certain feel-good chemicals like dopamine. When the production of dopamine is stimulated, we feel more active and happier, giving us the feeling that we can do more. So in some cases, we actually do more.


The right music has a very specific way of making us feel relaxed. It’s called MAR (or Music Assisted Relaxation) and can help lower your breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels. This comes down to BPM (or beats per minute). Songs with a BPM of 60 are optimal for lowering anxiety.


Studies have shown that, at the very least, music or sounds that were played to babies while they were in-utero seemed to have a calming and soothing effect on them after birth. If anything, a night of uninterrupted sleep has to be worth playing Mozart to your unborn baby, right?


Music can actually distract us from pain, and there are certain types of music (dubbed “sedative music”) can regulate your breathing and aid relaxation because of its rhythm (around 60BPM). When you are breathing more regularly at a slower rate, you will withstand pain better.


Music is helpful with those suffering from degenerative brain conditions, Music won’t cure them but can help unlock other memories. Music can be used as a memory aid for your noggin too. A good way to remember something is to put it into a song. After all, how many of us can recount a popular jingle just like that?…

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