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6 Gadgets To Make Your Bathroom Tech Smart



6 Gadgets to Make Your Bathroom Tech Smart
Do you like spas?

Well, certainly all of us do enjoy a relaxing day at the spa..!!

What if you could bring that luxury to your home?

That indeed is possible. With your whole house going smarter, you need to spend a few more dollars on the bathroom too, to match the tech around.

So, turn your bathing style into a luxury bathe this year with these high tech gadgets:

1. Water-resistant TV screen

This is an already famous tech model that many of you must have already installed. A waterproof TV with touch screen features which you could access even while having shower. To add to this piece you could have high volume speakers attached to it.

However, this is somewhat common. Now, the vogue has brought something even more incredible. This is a TV in your bathroom mirror. It looks like a regular mirror when switched off but when you switch it on it turns into an LED screen. So, you can enjoy this little entertainment without occupying any additional space in the bathroom.

2. The cool glass wall

You obviously want to solitude while you take a shower or sit dipping in your bathtub. However, when you want to spend time on your skin with cosmetics you want the bathroom to throw some natural light. In that case, you can have these ultimate glass walls fitted in your bathroom. With just a click of the remote they will turn opaque or transparent while you shower and you can anytime switch them to any regular glass which lets the natural sunlight lighten your washroom

3. Get a luxury shower installed in your bathroom

Want to experience the ultimate luxury?

Well, that is totally simple and you could relish it every morning in your bathroom if you are willing to spend a few more bucks on the technology part of the architecture.
shower radio
The technology has brought another level of luxury in our life. The world is going smart and so needs your bathroom. You can have an automatic steam shower installed in your bath with a water-resistant shower radio attached to it. Go to for more information.

4. An Automated toilet seat

This is yet another level of a plush living, an automated toilet seat. It starts opening with your approaching footsteps and comes with automatic closing lid system. Not only this, but it comes with a remote control which lets you runthe flush, the jet pipe all on your fingertips.
These toilets are best suited for elderly or disabled people. There is not even need to touch anything other than the remote. Not only this, but they come with sensor detection also, which makes the whole experience even more ultimate.

5. A bath-tub with a swirly pool

The essence of bathing comes from a cozy and relaxing water basking. To add to this experience of bathing, your bathtub could have a detection swirl. These swirls are all automatic and they give you such a relaxing and massaging experience while sitting in the bathtub. They also create bubbles in your bath and make it even more relishing.

6. A Chromatic Shower for an exotic bathe experience

Have you heard of chromotherapy? This might be a new word for you, but the experience will make you hanker for it more.

A chromatic shower is what you need to install for that. It comes with a great combination of LED lights. The shower spreads these lights while you bathe.

These are very light and gentle lights which relaxes whole of your spirit and body.

So these were some gadgets that you can install in your bathroom to experience the ultimate luxury!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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