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5 Reasons Why People Are Investing In Vinyl Again



5 Reasons Why People Are Investing In Vinyl Again
Music enthusiasts have a good reason to celebrate; vinyl records are back in trend. According to a research done in U.S. 9.2 million records were sold last year, which is 52% more than the year 2016. Similarly first time in 20 years U.K. saw more than a million records being sold and resultantly the numbers of digital music download saw a sharp decline.

We thought to analyze the reason behind this sudden increase in vinyl sales and came up with 5 top reasons which have pushed vinyl sales to the front seat.

1. Sound Quality Is Different

Vinyl records have been known to possess slightly better sound quality than CD’s, cassettes, MP3 players etc. If you have been listening to MP3 players for a while, listen to a vinyl record and you will find the sound to be a bit different and better than what you have been listening till now. These vinyl turntables produce a one-dimensional sound that fills the entire room. With vinyl records, you will get a much better hearing of subtle sounds and details. Check out some turntables for low budget.

2. It Provides an Active Experience

Vinyl records are known to provide you with an active listening experience and aren’t something which you can leave playing in the background while you do other work. They are instead made to be heard when you have time when you wish to relax and in time when you actually want to feel the music. Vinyl records allow you to truly know and understand the music which is playing leave aside it gives you an actual vibe of how the live sessions with these singers would feel like.

vinyl records

3. Buying Is a Different Experience Altogether

Unlike digital age music which is available with a click of a button, vinyl records aren’t so easily found. It kind of is a thrill going from store to store, looking for a record which you absolutely love. People take pride in telling others about the vinyl record they own. They feel accomplished if, after much hunting and finding they get their hands on a particular record. It won’t be wrong if we say vinyl records buying and collecting is a kind of addiction which the world has recently come to know of. You can visit this link to get more info about same

4. It Helps You Connect With Community

The age of digitization has definitely formed a gap between communities. People are sitting inside the closed doors downloading music, playing games without any knowledge of outside world. While you go out shopping for music records you will find plenty of audiophiles and music lovers, with whom you can talk and discuss music. In fact, you will be surprised to find how much joy do people find in discussing and talking about new records and often spend hours listening and enjoying a record together.

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5. Vinyl Record Is An Investment You Make

Digital music once bought doesn’t give you any further returns; however, with Vinyl records, the story is entirely different. A vinyl record bought now may be worth 10 times its price in the times to come. An investment made in the vinyl record has a tangible value as well. You can gift it to someone, you can trade it with someone and most importantly you can leave it as a legacy for your generations to come.

Reading these five points we are sure you have realized the reason behind the vinyl record’s comeback. There are numerous companies now selling vintage vinyl turntables which you can buy.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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