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6 Ways To Conserve Water At Your Home This Winter



conserve water at home
You go all green in summer when it comes to water consumption, but what happens in winter? Where does all that spirit to conserve water goes in winter? Well, this is the time of the year when saving water becomes all the more important because of low supply. So, be prepared for this season’s saving and take part in water conservation to your best level.

Here are a few tips which will let you conserve a substantial quantity of water in winter:

1. Insulate the Hot Water Tanks

The thing that is put to use the most in winter is a hot water tank. Nobody dares to use super chilling water for even the simplest of work. They are put to most us in winter. So, the best way to save time and energy and to keep the hot water hot for a long is by insulating these hot water tanks. This will keep the hot water stay heated and prevent any wastage.

Also, you can insulate your other water-heating devices. In winter the frozen water inside may sometimes cause the pipes and faucets to leak which is going to waste a lot of water. To avoid that situation, you can insulate all those pipes and fittings and make them winter-proof. You can do that yourself or might need the services of a plumber for the same. He may charge a few bucks but do a job that is foolproof.

2. Wrap All the Plumbing Fittings

The major issue that you face in winter is with the frozen water inside the taps and pipes. To avoid this and water wastage this way, you can wrap all these fittings. This will allow you to save a lot of water and the time you spend in getting it defrosted. This is the best way to winter-proof your plumbing fittings.

3. Use Bucket Below the Shower

What usually happens is we go to the bathroom and wait for heated water to come. Till the time, we leave the shower running and waste gallons of water. Why to do that sheer wastage in front of your eyes when you can save it by saving that water. You can keep a tank below the shower and collect that chilled water and use it for any other household chore like washing car or watering the plants.

4. Let the Taps Dribble

Do not get confuse…. but yea we actually are saying you to let the taps dribble. When you are not using the water, like while you are asleep, while you are out the house you can let the taps dribble so the water inside it do not get frozen and is available for use when we want. This does not mean we are asking you to let that water flow like this. You need to keep a tank below the tank and use that water for any household chores. This way, you will not be faced with the problem of frozen taps and the water instead would not be wasted.

5. Install A Rainwater Harvester

This is the best season to install a rainwater harvester and you can use all that saved water for any other purpose. This is the best way to harvest rainwater and use for multiple purposes.

6. See Where the Central Valve Is

In case, a leak happens or a pipe bursts or the faucet cracks, what are you going to do?mWait for the plumber to come to turn off the central valve and till then you are going to let your house flood with water.

If that is how you stay prepared for the season, then it might cost you hard.

I hope that any such mishap does not happens, but if it does you have to be prepared for it. So, at least know, where the central valve is so that you can turn it off and prevent your house from flooding.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.