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6 Ways To Increase Your Closet Storage Space



6 Ways To Increase Your Closet Storage Space
Closets are one piece of furniture which does form an essential component of every home. These boxes made of wood are used either to store your clothes or in the kitchen to store crockeries or for any other purpose which you may see fit. However, we have heard numerous people, who utilize closet for storing clothes, complaining about lack of closet space and or closets ending up too clumsy despite heavy organizing. So today we decided to provide you with few hacks which will help you to increase your closet space and utilize it to its full potential.

1. Try Using Hangers

Hangers are one of the quick and efficient ways of maximizing your closet space. Try and get yourself a closet which has hanger space /rod within it. These closets provide you with some additional space as you can hang clothes such as shirts etc. on top and utilize the space beneath to store other items. You can also try and buy double bar closet which provides you with double hanging space in a single compartment.

2. Have Shelves Made

If you have empty wall space try getting some shelves installed in the same. These shelves will provide you an option to reduce the number of clothes in your closet. These shelves can be used for storing clothes which are not to be used in near future aside from accessories such as hat etc. You can also get custom closet storage made which has a top shelf for you to store some extra beddings or blankets.

3. Try Utilizing Doors In Your Closet

One of the other ways to maximize your closet space is to add some accessories or custom-made pockets on the closet door. This can be utilized for storing small items such as a handkerchief, socks etc. They even can be utilized for storing shoes which if kept unorganized do acquire plenty of space.

4. Have Jewelry Hooks Installed

One of the other components of your closets which need to be organized is the jewelry. Ornaments often come in large cases which if kept in cupboard or closet take too much space. In order to save such space get jewelry hooks installed where you can hang ornaments such as necklace without getting them entangled with each other. You can also have a custom made acompartment for same where these expensive items can be stored safely.

5. Have Small Drawers

Having small bins and compartments in your closet really helps you save a lot of space. With drawers, you get to stack up all the items which you probably won’t be required for sometime. Or these bins do the opposite work of organizing all the items which you will be requiring on a daily basis thereby preventing you from misplacing the same. Whatever the purpose is the role of drawers surely cannot be undermined in increasing the storage space of your closet to much extent.

clean up closet

6. Finally, Clean Up

If you have done all the things which we did mention above, the last thing which you can do to increase the storage space is to remove all the items which you do not require. For this look around your closet and see what all items haven’t been used for quite some time? From these remove the items or clothes which are probably too worn off to wear (donate them) or the ones which are now small for your size. As you begin sweeping and removing you will find that your cupboard actually has more storage space than you thought.

So these are the top 6 tips which you can utilize to maximize the space within your closet. If you have any more tips to share, please mention them in the comment section below.

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